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In Memoriam:Janice Wright

Mohawk loan fund honors slain woman

By Denise Davy
The Spectator
Copyright 1990 The Hamilton Spectator

A memorial loan fund for single parents attending Mohawk College has been established in memory of Janice Wright who was killed in her concession set east appartment on October 8.
The 38 year old mother of 3 had been attending Mohawk college since January and was working toward becoming a social worker when she was stabbed to death.
John Ince 30,who was sharing the family's thanksgiving dinner was also killed.
Mrs.Wright's estranged husband Willis Walter Wright has been charged with two counts of first degree murder.
Carol Webb one of Janice's teachers at the college announced plans for the fund at a memorial service held at the college last night.The service held at the college was attended by more then 50 people,most of them classmates of Janice's who met to say their last goodbye to a woman they remembered as courageous and caring.
Ms.Webb said the fund is one way of ensuring good comes out of the senseless tragedy and of making sure Janice is not forgotten.
She was one of the many who spoke of the obstacles Janice fought to over come as she tried to rebuild here life after a turbulent marriage.
"I had lunch with Janice only 3 weeks ago and I remember how proud she was of what she was doing and how she was so determined to keep on going no matter what"said Ms.Webb.
"remember Janice in good ways and remember that when you're feeling down and wantr to give up,she'd put an arm around you then she'd tell you to get on with your life and go for it.We couldn't have had a better example then Janice."
Janice Hambely,class co-ordinator,said she remembers janice as a determined woman who was succeeeding against the odds.
"I think of the courage it took to live her life as she did.This reminds me of all the women all over the world who struggle as Janice did" said Ms.Hambley.
"I hope that this tragedy serves not to scare us but to stenghten us. Janice didn't give up and she wouldn'r want her friends to give up."
Mary-Jane Bragdon-Whipple attended the memorial service on behalf of the family.She said while Janice never reached her academic goals, in many other ways she achieved much more.
"She may not have achieved all her goals she had set for herslef but the main goal was to be somebody that other people liked and in that way Janice did achieve her goal"said Ms Bragdon-Whipple.
Rev.Victor Leavitt,of United Pentecostal Church on King Street East who gave the eulogy said he remembered Janice fro her visits to the church.he said the question around Janice's death may never be answered and stessed the importance of remembering her good qualities.
"She asked so little for herself and gave so much to others.She truly was a great lady",said Mr.Leavitt.

You can send donations to:

The Mohawk college foundation
The Janice Wright Memorial loan fund
P.O. Box 2034

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Reprinted with permission of The Hamilton Spectator

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