Our day to day lives have a lot of activity, voices, variety of noises, some crashes, chaos, orderliness, routines to live by. But when we quiet ourselves as in sleep, contemplations, musings, meditations, then comes heightened awareness, greater intuition, dreamscapes, visions, inner voices, knowingness, a creative flow from the depths of our being.

The 'whispers' on these webpages came to me as I was preparing this website.

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If they speak to you, we may find some mutual attraction to each other.

I am a single man, turned 70 with the new millennium. I am fulfilled in my single life, but would like to add the sparkle of couplings with friends and companions who sense the universe as I do with those things dear to me in the quiet realms.

I do not smoke, drink or use drugs. I live in the mountains of western North Carolina. For a more personal companionship, I prefer companionship with others who do not smoke, drink little or none and do not use drugs. I live a quiet home life. I like classical music and a variety of other forms. I like to do a little flower gardening.

I feel a shift in earth energies and a shift in personal consciousness. I sense each of us as an angelic being in a human body, an essential aspect of SPIRIT, the All That Is.

I have joined with others who are dedicated to education and community service toward sustainable agriculture, green/natural building, technological projects, and developing appropriate infrastructure to honor all people and move toward an equitable distribution of wealth for all people.

I would like to make contact with others who also sense these things. I have a strong interest in joining with others who have similar perspectives to plan and develop a holistic center for these things in western North Carolina, then beyond.

I can be contacted at eldermystic@auriclight.com

LOVE YOURSELF ALWAYS. Love is the cornerstone of your being.

Whisper 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | Final Whisper

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