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I purchased this car at the very end of last year (1997) and had been searching for it for quite a while - getting excited by a couple of other cars, but knew that this was the one straight away.

It is a late 1985 323i Motor Sport with a hell of a lot of charisma :)

It has travelled 170k and is very original - now that it is in my hands it will be fastidiously maintained, well I have to take care of a car which is driven the way I drive it. It is a 5-speed manual which is a pleasure to drive, and quite pleasure to be driven in! :)
Interior As you may have noticed from the interior shot of my car - it's not your average interior, and I'm not just talking about the impeccable condition. If you'd bothered to notice the steering wheel and it's badge, you would have noticed the absence of the BMW roundel - instead a shining gold JPS badge sits in the centre. JPS, for all of you out there who have absolutely no idea of what it is (of which you are the majority - when I first purchased this car I spent a great deal of time trying to find out more about JPS cars and came up with absolutely nothing in relation to BMW's. I had made postings on the BMW newsgroup and did not get one reply.), stands for John Player Special (and yes that is a brand of cigarettes). SeatsMore information on what JPS did in racing can be found here. Knowing something about JPS model BMW's I was extremely sceptical about all the JPS badging on the car (as these models came in one colour - black, with a gold stripe along the sides and a gold JPS emblem) although, I guess I was hoping that it was an albino version :). Anyway, as I could get no information off the net, I decided to contact BMW and see if they could help me. I received some mail from them very soon after I inquired and although they confirmed that my car was not a JPS model, what they had found out brought me quite a nice surprise.

Here is a taste of what my baby sounds like :-

- Starting up

- Run 1

- Run 2

- Rev

Here is a clip of a BMW wagon being test driven in New Zealand, and being flipped :)

Camera - Clip 1

Email me if you have any comments or suggestions.

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