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Alabaster warms up for a performance

Alabaster and Erebus speak out on behalf of persons of felinity everywhere and reveal a list of Essential Places to investigate and leave your scent!

Home of the Virtual Cat Mall, the Virtual Cat Food Court and Allie's Gym & Health Spa

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While you check out the website, why not listen to my furry own Radio Station!

Check out my Gym and Health Spa. The place to go when you can't see your toes.

Your gracious host: Alabaster

I am a 15-year-old half-Siamese and I am King of the household. My humans,
Moneca & Dave, may think they make the rules, but when they go to sleep I do whatever I like, go wherever I like and even help myself to anything tasty on the kitchen counter. Yum! I am very fond of my humans, especially my mom-human whom I shower with purrs and drool. I have inherited the trademark Siamese blue eyes and the piercing yowl (so I'm told).

Here are some funny pictures of me the humans took with the webcam!

My meowmie got to meet a bunch of the other CLAW meowmies this summer! It was a blast! Check out the pictures!

I am a member of the Siamese Internet Club, CLAW and The Back Fence Cat Club. I am currently teaching classes in Creative Food Grabbing, Bags & Boxes, Monster Hunting in Sheets and Blankets, Power Napping and Furballs at CLAW. I also am co-chaircat of a support group for kitties who love their mom too much. CLAW memfurs - come listen to my tale of shameless Mommy-worship in the CLAW Long Room.

I have a wonderful wedwink, Jazmine Taylor. Come see our wedwink and honeymoon pictures and meet our wonderful three kittens: Gypsy, Rhiannon and Allie, Jr.!

Jazzy has a great older brofur, Bubba. Visit Jazzy and Bubba at their new homepage!

My step-brother and partner-in-crime: Erebus

Erebus is a friendly black dustmop. He is eight years old, and definitely far too good-natured and cheerful for his own good. Erebus is far too lenient on our humans and lets them think they run the house, although I must admit he does an excellent job of making our humans play for him while he sits back and watches. He sings for his supper every night (suck-up!) and comes running to greet the humans at the door when they come home from wherever it is they go all the time. Erebus is a water freak and has been known to camp out in the bathroom sink, waiting for the tap to be turned on. Erebus is looking for a Black Cats Club to join. If there isn't one, he's going to start one!!

Erebus just recently joined CLAW as well, and is a prominent memfur of the Back Seat Kitties Group.... I guess he feels he's been in my shadow a little too long..... Before you know it, he's going to want his own home page!!

Essential Places to leave your Scent

First stop is
Basic Rules for Cats Who Have A House To Run. If you have a house and humans to take care of, then this manual is invaluable!

Social clubs Rub heads with the movers and shakers of the Internet. Make your contacts now for when the revolution comes!

Visit the Virtual Cat Mall to patronize establishments that cater to persons of felinity. You can even get something catly for your human here, too. While you're there, stop by the Virtual Cat Food Court for some refreshments. I, Alabaster, guarantee you'll have the tastiest virtual food you can get on the 'Net! (Apart from Chez Fungus, of course!)

Don't forget to check out other cool cat sites .

Opera Felinus - Coming Soon!!

Enjoy the cultured opera of fellow cats. You'll be able to play lyrical .wav files and and feel catly emotions rush through your veins. Meow!!! (Caution - this may be dangerous on a full moon!)

Literature Felinus

A great series of books is The Cat Who... mystery series written by Lilian Jackson Braun and published by Jove. The series recognizes the superior intellect of persons of felinity and regularly exposes the surrounding humans as the dunces they are. I'm continually surprised at the contortions Koko must go through to communicate the simplest things to his "master." The early books are best. (The Cat Who Could Read Backwards is the first - can your human read backwards? Probably not!)

Visual Arts Felinus

To unwind after a hard day napping and ruling the humans, we like to paint. I, Alabaster, prefer the vivid colour of oil paints, while Erebus prefers mixed media and collages.

Why Cats Paint This site includes a test of your creative intelligence!
Cats & Art on the Internet A much neglected area. Finally someone is taking notice of our natural artistic talents!

Puck, Jasmine, Tika and Saba
The CyberCats
are owned by Alabaster.

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Meow! Why not tell me what you think?

And check out what other cats have said, too!

This CLAW Ring site is owned by Alabaster.
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