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Here you will find stories of superheroines other than Voltage, which I (and soon others) have written.

If you have superheroine stories you have written and are interested in seeing them featured here, please e-mail me, and I'd be happy to post them.

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So without further delay.... here are the heroines....

This first story introduces you to one of my own original characters, The American Angel. The story details her background as well as her first encounter with the evil Marquis and his dominatrix wife Justine. A fair warning, this story contains graphic sexual situations and adult subject matter!
The American Angel in "Oscar Night!"
Posted 8/4/00

This second story in the series brings back The American Angel. In this story, she discovers that her son in law is not the man she thought he was, but even more! The deviant Marquis and his dominatrix wife Justine also have a cameo role. A fair warning, this story contains graphic sexual sitatuons and adult subject matter!
The American Angel in "My Son In Law!"
Posted 4/6/01

This is my first photo story, featuring a character created by Bondage Queen, Lorelei. Super C is a gorgeous, blonde heroine, as the pics will attest to.
Super C in Saving the President!
Posted 1/31/01

This is the first story featuring a former friend of mine, Ms. Liberty (her picture is featured at the top of the story). As you can see from her picture, she is not your prototypical super heroine. Having taken a number of years off, her once hard body has turned to mush, her once sharp reflexes now gone. But her beloved Metro City has become riddled with crime, prompting her to return to action in order to restore order. She quickly finds out however that the criminal element has changed a great deal!
Ms. Liberty Returns!
Posted 5/12/00

This is another Ms. Liberty story but also introduces a new character... the lovely
Maiden America. The new heroine tries to make a name for herself, but finds that it's no so easy to break into the limelight, especially when that limelight is already occupied by the pudgy Ms. Libery!
A Meeting to Remember!
Posted 6/23/00

More stories coming soon!
Feel free to submit any stories you would like to see posted. Thanks for reading... hope you enjoyed it!

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