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Welcome passionate soul and blues music lover! This is the official Site of SoulSilkTM! We are an 8 member band of musicians formed in 2004 and we are located in Athens; that is, Athens, Greece and not Athens, Georgia mind you! We are a European band that mixes the blues and soul with a fresh and very personal style.Our original songs are composed and copyrighted by Apostolos Papapostolou.

American roots Music and a band from Europe: What are we all about then?

American roots music has travelled many miles and has influenced songwriters and bands all over the western world. We are here to prove that great songs stepping on this platform can be made with dignity in the other side of the Atlantic as well!

Our attention to careful balance and clarity of melody, often times neglected or unattainable by new bands, allows us to showcase our ideas. We reach back to the primary sources of the blues and soul, mixing them with southern rock and a fresh '00s approach. Anyone listening ultimately understands that any honest music cannot be hindered by time or space limitations. Check out the info about our demo CD release!

We are somewhat of a strange apple... We share love and deep respect to the music and values that have been passed over by the much valued generations of the musicians of the southern American states. Check out the info about our demo CD release!

Those musicians whose grooves and drum loops are being sampled every now and then by hip-hop artists. Back then, it was all about the music, yeah? It was about the hooks, the grooves and the lyrics of the song. It was about moving the tradition of the rural and city blues, the jazz and the boogaloo upfront.

It was about what any individual artist had to share with the world, was it a melody, a political theory, a story of love or just plain, raw, groovy dancing fun! It was about the musical skill and virtuosity of the artist not necessarily about their dancing styles! It was about how far front they could move the musical frontiers, about how their songs would relate to the masses for years and not just weeks to come.. You may say they were the times when music prevailed over the commercial profit and marketing strategies. But it's not only that, we are sadly experiencing a social phenomenon of mass musical depression bombarding the airwaves these days and this reflects on sales.

Very few so called ''artists'' could even dream of a career back then unless they had a musical background and/or a great voice. Well now it's more of an eye rather than an ear business, wouldn't you agree? Are you sure that most of today's ''big successes'' know how to strum a guitar or play a scale on the piano? A song was not a product for quick consumption that nobody would remember of in a couple of months. Even mediocre and ''fluffy'' songs had a style that people could relate with for years...

SoulSilk to appear at "GLAM" Club, Athens Greece on April 8th 2006 and at ''Ston Aera'', one of the most prominent live music venues of Athens on April 28th 2006 - Be there!

We're deeply influenced by the generations of the great African American Masters of the blues, soul and funk genres. Those who passed over a proud heritage of knowledge and taste to the world's future listeners and performers alike: That is the appreciation of those ''humble'' and natural sounds as well as that ''simplistic'' wisdom of the groove. The force of melody that can be produced by natural wooden and brass musical instruments. That ''less is more'' attitude. We wouldn't try to mention their names in here, fearing that such a holistic approach would undervalue them, presenting them as another product for sale. Each had their own traits and styles and this should be accounted for. But you all know them and you know what we mean, all you listeners of the Memphis and Detroit Sounds! May all those artists be healthy and happy today!

We could never be compared with the likes of great songwriters and performers of those times. But inevitably, the band's work is a fruit coming from this tree; now how tasty that fruit is, it's upon all you listeners to decide. And let's be straight about this: The music of SoulSilkTM steps on the melody and groove only; there are no big shots filming our video clip nor a bunch of curvy dancers working their *** out behind us when we are on stage, to keep the audience distracted from the music itself...

Check out the info about our demo CD release!

We're not bitter or plain lovers of the musical past nor do we accept that contemporary music sucks and that there is ''no turning back''.

There are crowds of exceptionally gifted artists out there and there will always be, look out for them. Thankfully, there are still times when one can be moved by listening to a new song on the radio, irrespective of genres. Art and talent will always stand above all obstacles.

People can be reached by artists and vice-versa in so many ways. Music is universal and it knows no boundaries, race, ethnicity and religion. That's why SoulSilkTM was formed, out of the need to do something of our share and do it now. Our music actually serves that right, there's a nice selection of '60s and '70s oriented blues and soul tunes as well as some completely fresh 00's ones. SoulSilk opened the show for the ''Nine Below Zero'' Blues Band on February 4th, 2006 at ''Ston Aera'', one of the most prominent live music venues of Athens - SoulSilk to appear at "GLAM" Club, Athens Greece on April 8th 2006 and at ''Ston Aera''on April 28th 2006 - Be there!

Although we may be one of the many unsigned bands, we hope everyone listening will trace down our respectful and loving sentiments so that they will be able to relate the past and present with our personal and very real musical style.

Why don't you come over and find out more about us!

Check out the info about our demo CD release!

Please bookmark us now and join us again! Thanx...

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All music, lyrics, musical arrangements, artwork, trademarks and design: Apostolos Papapostolou, Athens Greece. WARNING: All rights reserved, unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, alteration, public performance and broadcasting prohibited. Violators will be held liable and will be prosecuted according to International Law.

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SoulSilkTM - Apostolos Papapostolou, Athens Greece

Tel. No.: (+30) 697.805.70.22

Fax No.: (+30) 210.639.38.73

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