Character Profile: Triptych

Character Actor: Darkheart-Rampage
Character Name: Triptych
Nickname(s): Trip, Trippy, Tych, One, Prima
Quote: "Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you don't say."
Height: Bot - 5'10"   Beast - 5'5"
Body Type: Technorganic II/Prima
Weapons: Twin Scimitars, Small Energon Dagger, Wrist-mounted Darts
Allegiance: Maximals
Function: Scientist
Beast Mode: Praying Mantis
Alternate Modes: Insectoid Motorcycle, Prima Form
Special Features: The ability to dodge nearly any projectile. She is extremely agile, and can get around most projectile attacks directed at her. Triptych is also quite fast in all of her modes. Triptych can now throw rather powerful electrical attacks, and can also 'phase' from one place to another.


     Triptych is a very prominent Maximal scientist. She works predominantly in spark-related areas, though she is something of a chemist as well. Triptych was actually the scientist the Maximal Elders picked to initiate the 'Starscream' Project. She met up with Castor (who would eventually become Rampage), and became good friends with him. After Depth Charge brought Protoform X (Castor) to the High Council, Triptych went after the Axalon in her own ship, intending on finding Castor. Like the Maximals, she ended up on prehistoric Earth. Which is, sadly, where she was killed by Depth Charge.

     On Cybertron, Triptych was brought back to life, in her Transmetal form, and joined with Rampage and the Maximals. She was killed yet again, and again brought back to life. Trip has also changed forms three times, those being: Transmetal, reformatted, and her third and more permanent form, a Transmetal 3. Triptych is an invaluable member of the Maximals, and is very easy to get along with.

     Triptych suffers the loss of her brother Stratocaster at the hands of Rage. She never truly shows how deeply it affects her, and often will attempt to convince the others that she's fine. Rampage can see the truth though.

     After being converted into the Decepticon assassin Coldfire, Triptych is returned to her normal state of mind by Gryph. Having her Coldfire shell destroyed, the Oracle gives Triptych a new body; that of a new type of technorganic. Now able to phase from place to place, Triptych is very adept at getting into high security bases almost undetected.

     Triptych is informed by Spitfire that she actually isn't Cybertronian, as she's always thought herself to be. In fact, she is the only surviving 'subject' of his experiments to clone the Cybertronian God Primus. Deemed as a failure because of the absence of her powers, Triptych was given false memories and returned to Cybertron. With Shokaract's arrival, she discovers her true powers and destiny. Although she hasn't fully mastered all of her powers yet, Triptych is strong enough to hold her own against Shokaract and his forces.

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