Character Profile: Megatron

Character Actor: XJetstormX
Character Name: Megatron
Quote: "Peace through tyranny!"
Alt. Mode: Cybertronian Nuclear Blaster
Height: 19'4
Body Type: Technological
Weapons: Giant fusion cannon mounted on arm
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Decepticon Ruler
Special Features: Megatron can draw power from Cybertron itself, allowing him to preform an enormus blast. This drains most of his power, however, and must be used sparingly.


     Megatron came into existance due to an experiment gone wrong, and is the reincarnation of the original Decepticon leader. Megatron is incredibly powerful and intelligent, the equal of former Autobot Leader Optimus Prime. His fusion cannon can fire a blast up to 12 miles and release enough energy to flatten a small town.

     Megarton was later revealed to be the Megatron of the Predacons, which caused confusion among the Maximals. Megatron later created a form based on that of Optimus Prime, to kill the Maximals with a bit of irony. Megatron currently resides in that form, calling himself Dark Convoy...

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