A Little About Me:

Well, I was born in Green Bay, WI, and moved to my current location earlier this year.  I am partnered to Gareth Taliesin, a programmer, bard and priest, and proud "Pixii Momma" to our shared children Rabbit, Carl and Amber.  We are currently living in an intentional family unit to facilitate raising our precocious children with our other partner-in-crime, Daizie.
     I worked for my father for years doing bookwork until I became ill during my pregnancy.  During my extended period of incapacity, I discovered jewelry design, writing and art.  In 2000, an article of mine was actually published in Connections magazine (Winter 2000, issue) under my pen name, Cybele WindDancer.  I discovered belly dance and drumming in my continuing rehab process and have led beginner body movement and dance workshops.  I have worked in pagan community for years, focusing on community building, spiritual counseling, writing and teaching.  In my search to understand concepts of power and right relation, I discovered alternative love styles and the BDSM community.
Rev. Melissa Barnard
(aka:  Pixii, Cybele WindDancer)
My Interests:

  Community Structuring,
  Alternative Lifestyles,
My Kitties!,
Jewelry Design,
  Reading (Science
  Fiction/Fantasy for fun),
  Belly Dancing,
  Hand Drumming,
  Feisty/Ferret Energy Stuff!
Interesting Links
www.polyamory.org -- more info on intentional family
www.spirit.omplace.com -- neat spiritual e-cards
Gareth's Glen -- my partner's site
Harmony Tribe and Sacred Harvest Festival
Hawkdancing Studio -- fabulous hand-made ceramic pottery, art, jewelry
Pagan Bullies -- Oh Yea...

More to come...
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A Little About My Work:

I am an ordained minister through Universal Life Ministries working with Pagan community in order to develop the concept of a non-sectarian, congregational Pagan church with associated priesthood in Minnesota.  Our burgeoning community has members in the Twin Cities area and Kiester, MN, currently.  We are focusing on getting to know each other, defining who we are together and what our focus is going to be.  We sing, drum, dance, help each other raise children together, and celebrate the turning of the wheel, the cycle of the moon and each other.  Currently, we are the Cosmic Embryo Community and will re-name ourselves when we finish deciding who we are.  As legally ordained ministers in the state of Minnesota, my partner (Gareth Taliesin) and I offer spiritual coaching, legally valid union ceremonies, rights of passage and individualized training in the mysteries.  We also facilitate ceremonies of celebration and change based in the needs of our community and the individuals who participate in them.
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