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This is a game site are my new favorite games some are old some are new. I'm now 10 years old with new likings. Back to the site if you click on a picture you'll go on that site. Each one has a description read it if you wish I don't care.
    Runescape is a roll playing game and a fun adventure. You start out as a chacter on a smal island(Tutorial Island)and learn about how to play. At the end you get left in the main island and have to survive on your on. for help go on Rune HQ.
     Miniclip is a online game site that has links to other popular games. I suggest Club Panquin. Every game is free accept multieplayer games.
     Diablo II is a action and quest game. You start as a Amozon, Pladin, Sorceress, Barbarian, Necromancer. after you pick you start and try to get a camp back.
      Adventure Quest is a RPG game where your a chacter customized by your self. There's quest and you can travel to different parts of the land. You fight mosters along the way.