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Why Adam Smith Thought That Capitalism Wouldn't Work!

Founding Father: James Madison on the Class Struggle!

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Prophesy! The Parable of the Water- Tank

This Site Criticizes Capitalism!

It has only one very simple explanation of Socialism!

This Socialist Ideology is famous as
the shortest and simplest Socialist Ideology known to exist. 
Additionally, it's near universal acceptance
by the general public puts it into a class of it's own. 
No pun intended.

Cotton Patch Socialism: Origins and Ideology

Statement of Purpose

To Provide Documented Economic Argument That Critiques The Political Economy.
To provide access to documented and non copyrighted articles. Articles that critique capitalism's social, political, and material effects

By criticizing capitalism this Web Site attempts to avoid sectarian differences over the nature of democratic socialism, and leaves that question up to social and democratic processes

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