Hi! Welcome to FeraFeraLand! My name's Adele and I help the hand out with this site. If your visiting here than you probably know what a Feral Run is. It's like a wolfing run, where you leave norns by themselves for a certain number of hours in hope of breeding a stronger hardier norn. Feral Runs differ from Wolfing Runs in the sense that you can use COBs in these kinds of runs. So that cuties like me can't drown. :-)
If you would like to enter your norn in an upcoming run just click on the Feral Page and scroll down until you see the blue highlighted word 'Submit'. Enjoy your stay! There will be many things to do here so please bookmark.
Also there will be a food COB page and quite possibly a toy COB page as well. The hand and her sister are busy writing stories for C1 and C2 so if you like stories (and who doesn't?) check em out!
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