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Here in my website you will find many poems I have written and three other family members Ashley Coburn my oldest daughter,Dennis M.Weber Jr. my oldest son and Kristen Marie Boyce my neice.. They are from the books  Inner Thoughts which was done by myself and Our Most Inner Reflections done by myself and 3 other family members, published by Publish America.

On the next page you will read some samples from Our Most Inner Reflections.

I started writing poems as a teenager to express my feelings because I could not just come out and say them.Every poem reflects different parts of my life.Some are sad, some are happy. But they make you think of love,  life and family.

There are many people that came into my life that I would like to say Thank You for giving me the encouragement to keep writing and go for my dreams.I cannot mention everyone by name because that would make the list too long. To all my co-workers, family and friends who have read some of my work and told me they liked them very much.But most of all I want to thank my other half Chris,who changed my life for the better and showed me I can trust and love again.Also for standing beside me while I tried to make my dream come true.

I am the oldest of 6 siblings.My life had a few rough times.As a young child I was placed into foster care due to child abuse by a step father. I lived thru out NJ in foster homes until I settled in Jackson,NJ. with a family who helped me make the transition into my mothers life being that she had meet a wonderful man who turned her around and took us in as his own children.

I married at 20 years old and by that time I was already an alcholic. My 1st. son was born the year I married. It was a rough marriage from the start.I lived with the mental abuse because I thought that was the way it was suppose to be.A few years after my 2nd son was born I opened my eyes and realized that was not the way to live.But before I could get more help he past away.I learned how to raise my 2 boys on my own,work a full time job and keep the house.

I had met a few people over the next few years but they turned out to not be my soul mate. I can now say I found my soul mate.We moved to Hallstead,Pa. to get a fresh start on life. We had a set of twin boys who keep my busy most of the time.He came into the relationship with 4 children so yes it makes it a big family of 8 children ages ranging from 3 to 21..


You all made me go for what I want.
You all told me I could do it what I want.
I always felt I could not do such.
You told me not to think such.
Everyone has shown me in different ways.
How my sunshine can show it's rays.
To my family who stood beside me.
To my friends who are still beside me.
In my heart you all have touched.
In my life you all have touched.
Thank you all for showing me I can do what I want.

A friend is someone who shares
your thoughts.
A friend is someone who lends
a shoulder to lean on.
A friend is someone who puts a
smile on your face.
A friend is someone you would
do anything for.
A friend is someone who helps you
thru the rough times.
A friend is someone who brings out
the best in you.
A friend is someone who you
do not want to lose.
A friend is someone who will go
a thousand miles for.
Dedicated to my late husband Dennis

You are now where you will
have no pain.
We all know that you have
found your peace.
When it rains,we know you are
looking down and crying.
You are missed and loved by
everyone who knew you.
We have to move on even
though you are not here.
You will always be in our minds
and hearts everyday.
And we dedicate the song
In the arms of an angel to you.
Dedicated to my love Chris for showing me what love is again.

I have known you for awhile.
We became friends thru the time.
You were there when I needed a shoulder.
I never dreamed our friendship would
grow beyond that.
However,as time went by I fell so deep
in love with you.
You brought out a love that I thought had died.
When you put this ring on my finger
I was overjoyed.
Now we will have our own child together.
You have accepted my ring to you.
Nevertheless,one day I will be your wife.
You have made my life so complete
I will love you forever.

I just look into your eyes,
and I can tell what you are feeling.
I can just feel your body against mine,
and I can tell what you are feeling.
I can feel your soft kisses,
and I can tell what you are feeling.
I can feel your soft caresses,
and I can tell what you are felling.
I can tell you are feeling you,
found love again.
Dedicated to all our children

Listening to there problems
moreover,trying to help.
Watching them play and enjoying
the looks of happiness.
Helping with the homework and
seeing the look of I can do it.
Watching them running and seeing
them think I am a big boy now.
Listening to there joys and sorrows
about boyfriends or girlfriends.
Stepping in to stop one of there
fights amongst themselves.
Seeing different ages grow up to be fine
young men and women.
All eight of them.

You have two grandsons who are growing up.
One is a fine young man of eighteen.
The other is a fine young boy of ten.
You never say hello to them.
Even though they are part of your son.
You act as if they do not exist.
You did not even call when your first grandson graduated high school.
You do not even send them birthday cards.
They are part of your son.
Moreover, you should be proud of them.
However, in your mind they do not exist.
One day you will want to see them but they are
going to act as if you do not exist.
Then you will know how they felt all these years.
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You have two wonderful boys growing up.
You are not here to see their achievements.
You are in there hearts everyday.
They know you are looking down on them.
They have pictures and memories of you.
They both wish you were still here.
However,I know that is not possible.
I will keep your memory alive in their hearts.
You can keep looking down and be proud
of your two sons.

A family is a group of people who will help you
with anything.
A family is a group of people who
will always love you no matter what.
A family is a group of people who
do not care how you look.
A family is a group of people who
encourage you to do your best.
A family is a group of people who
will help you when you fall down.
A family is a group of people who
will nurse you when you are sick.
A family is a group of people who you
do not want to lose.
Dedicated to our Uncle John who is missed and loved by everyone.

You walk amongst us all.
You are always watching us.
When it rains,you are crying.
When the sun is out you are happy.
We are proud to have you in our hearts.
You may have gone in the heavens.
However,you are always with us.
You have encouraged us all in different ways.
You have left different impressions on all.
You were there when some needed a shoulder.
You were there when some needed advice.
You always went out of your way to help us.
Therefore,Uncle John we will always have you in
our hearts everyday.
Dedicated to my Uncle Jimmy

We may not have been the closest.
Nevertheless,you were there if I needed you.
You always put a smile on my face when
I saw you.
I should have told you I cared and loved you
more often.
I am always thinking about you.
I look at pictures and remember the times
they were taken.
You will always be my Uncle Jimmy in my
mind,heart and soul.
You can be proud of me for I made it thru
some rough times.
My children will also know you through me.
They will know they have a loving uncle
looking down on them.
Dedicated to my mother Judi

A mother is a woman that gives you advice.
A mother always gives you encouraging words.
A mother will always love you through anything you do.
A mother will nurse you back to health when you are sick.
A mother will be your best friend at times.
A mother will stand beside you when you need her the most.
A mother will teach you right from wrong.
A mother will help you grow into a fine adult.
A mother is someone you will always love and care for.
Dedicated to Karen for being there for Christopher and Matthew

You took us under your wings.
You treated us just like your own grandchildren.
You gave us love and affection.
You taught us how to do some things on our own.
You would kiss a boo boo when we got one.
You held us when we did not feel too well.
You helped teach us to eat on our own.
You helped us to walk on our own two feet.
You give us love as only a grandma does.
You may not be our grandma by blood.
However,you will always be grandma to us both.
Dedicated to our step dad Eddie

You took all of us under your wings.
Even though you did not have to.
You made sure we were all taken care of.
You helped us with some of our problems.
You are still there if we need to talk.
You tried to teach us right from wrong.
Some of us turned out to be fine young adults.
Others still have problems to work out.
We all appreciate what you did for us.
So dear step dad we all love and care for you.
Dedicated to my cousin Christopher
C is for Christ who you are walking with.
H is for Heaven where you are.
R is for Running on the clouds,which we know you are doing.
I is for your Innocence that you are.
S is for the Sorrow we feel.
T is for the Triumphs you achieved.
O is for Outstanding a person you are.
P is for Pray which we do to talk to you.
H is for Hearts where you are at everyday with us.
E is for Eternity is where you will be with us.
R is for Reunited which one day we will be.

I know a few times it was rough for you.
To take on a woman with children.
To uproot yourself and move with me.
You put up with my difficulties.
You put up with starting over with a job.
You had to leave the state you called home.
I love you dearly for giving up so much for me.
You have shown me so much already.
I will never do anything to hurt you.
You are now in my life for eternity.
I could never thank you enough for all you did.
Everyday with you is like being on a cloud.
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I was currently working on another fictional novel,when I happen to grab a copy of  Inner Thoughts. As I read the poems, I felt she understood what life was really like with family,children and learning to love again. Carolyn Sindi Weber seems to be the scribe who got it 'right'; life as it truly is with the ingredients above mixed together, adding a poem called 'Sadness',(an expression on how we felt on 9/11) , and throwing in her own turmoils on her journey and you have a roadmap of the human experience. For those looking for a different way of experiencing poetry,Weber's Inner Thoughts is a must read!

                                                         ---Eric J. Obmann
                                                               October 31st
Carolyn (Sindi) Weber's collection of poetry, Inner Thoughts, inspires the reader to explore their own personal inner thoughts. This collection has the power to make the reader laugh and cry with just the turn of a page. Her words are soft and sweet at one point, poignant and thought-provoking at another. I especially identify with "I Can Tell." I've always said I can look into his eyes and be able to tell what's going on inside of him.
I definately recommend this collection of poetry, and will add it to my own collection at home!

KJ Hamilton
Author of Fanatical Betrayal
Inner Thoughts and Our Most Inner Reflections are ready for Orders click on either covers to order at Publish America at the discount rate of $9.95.
If you would like an autographed copy I can accept checks and money orders.E-mail me at sindi1965@epix.net for details.
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