Simon- 11 months, Sadie - 14 weeks

Meet Simon Feris & Sadie Noel our Miniature Long Hair Dachshunds. Simon was born on March 28th and Sadie on November 5th, 2000 at a kennel called DivanDachs. Simon was named after Scott's Grandpa Simon who was German, had red hair and whose nick-name was "Red". Feris was chosen for it's resemblance to the word "ferrous" meaning "of, relating to, or containing iron" which turns certain things, such as soil, red. (As you can see we are sticking to the 'red' theme.) "Sadie" comes from a Beatle's song "Sexy Sadie" it also means "princess". Sadie's middle name is "Noel" because she was our famliy Chirstmas present.

Simon was a gift to me from my husband on my birthday. We drove to the breeder and Simon was the last puppy she had left from his litter. Simon's mother's name is Isolde and his father's name is Snickers. Isolde is a Red Long Hair and Snickers is a Chocolate with Tan Points. Both are very handsome dogs. Sadie was the family Christmas gift. We wanted Simon to have a doggie companion to grow up with. Sadie was also the last one left in her litter. Simon and Sadie have the same mother, Isolde but different fathers. Sadie's father is Tristan a Red Long Hair.

Click here to see Simon and Sadie's AKC Registration papers.

Simon and Sadie are real members of our family. They sleep with us and go just about everywhere with us. Simon went to the bike races last summer (Sadie wasn't born yet) and they both go visiting their "grandparents" Tom & Louise. We take long walk around the golf course and the lake. Simon and Sadie share the humans.

Simon plays with the neighborhood dogs, Boo a Shepherd-Chow mix, Kaya a German Shepherd, Austin a Yellow Lab, Floyd a Blue Mural Sheltie & Foxy a Sable Sheltie. They are all bigger than Simon but they are very careful not to hurt them even when they get to playing rough. Sadie has only met the 'big dogs' a few times and is totally smitten with Boo. Because it is winter they don't get to play outside very often.

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"You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a look that says, 'My God, you're right! I never would've thought of that!'" -Dave Barry

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