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Code Description

I'm the CEO of McDonnell Douglas

Summon Helicopter.

Use this code just before entering the hanger. You will hear an audio cue - ascending if it works, or descending if it doesn't. (it only works on altrnate attempts) Enter the hanger and click catalog then press a key (1-9) and click done.

When you exit the hanger your helicopter should be parked outside.
The numbers are:

1 Bell 206 JetRanger
2 MD 500
3 Apache
4 Bell 212
5 Schwiezer 300
6 Agusta A 109A
7 Dauphin 2
8 MD Explorer
9 MD Explorer 520N

Been there, done that Skip to next level.
Warp me to career: Skip to career level 1-30.
Give me money or give me death: Money 1-50000. Exits game 50% of attempts.
Gas does grow on trees Unlimited Fuel.
Shields up Unlimited Health.
There's no place like home Teleport to Hangar.
I love my helicopter Teleport to your chopper.
Out on a Sunday drive Change to automobile camera.
superpowermultiply Speed. (Shift) Outside chopper is dog POV camera.
Radioactivity Nuke.
PAMCAREYGOLDMAN Pictures of the programmer's wife
Stop and ask for directions Save city map to an ascii file.
Lights, Cameras, Action! Play drive in movie.
Make me big Makes your chopper big.
Gort End game movie.
A megaphone in the hand is worth two in the bush Use megaphone outside chopper (F6-F10)

Sim Copter is a great little game.

It allows you to fly around in all those excellent Sim City 2000 maps you've made, and you can test your flying skills in a real police / rescue situation.

Your goal in Sim Copter will be to complete the missions which are dispatched to you over the radio.

Missions can be anything from chauffeuring corporate executives to chasing dangerous criminals. You will also need to fight fires, medivac trauma victims and perform rescue operations.

Each time you successfully complete a mission you are given a paycheck and career points and are one step closer to finishing the level.

If you fail to complete an assigned mission you will have points deducted from your score.

There are several missions per level, and 29 cities to complete before winning the game.

There are also a few hidden surprises along the way.

Good luck pilot.

Career missions and how to complete them

Traffic Jams:

Requires megaphone

Your first mission?, traffic duty of course. :-) When a traffic jam is reported go to the location and press F6, F8 or F9

You get $3 for each un-jammed car and 200 points for completing the mission,

Medical Evac:

Requires empty passenger seats

A medical evacuation will require you pick up a paramedic, fly him to the scene of an accident, land, allow the paramedic to exit the helicopter, retrieve the victim, return to the helicopter, and fly to the nearest hospital.

That is, you're first job will be to pick up a paramedic. Fly to any Hospital and a paramedic should be on the roof. Simply land on the roof and allow the paramedic to enter your helicopter. In some cases you will need more than one paramedic.

Land at the accident scene and the Paramedics should exit the helicopter, automatically retrieve the victims and return to the helicopter. The bigger your helicopter the more passengers you can carry.

You can also retrieve your own victims by "picking them up" and carrying them back to your chopper.

If you are not fast enough your medivacs will die. You can monitor their health by listening to their heart monitor.

You can also take the easy way out by dispatching an ambulance to the scene by locating the medivac victim and pressing F3 (dispatch ambulance).

You will receive more money for transporting medivac victims to the hospital yourself.


You can dispatch a Fire truck to any fire by flying to the location and pressing F2 (Dispatch Fire truck)

Another method to putting out a fire will require a water bucket and / or water cannon.

Fly over water and lower the bucket. When your tank is full raise the bucket, fly over the fire and press B (empty bucket). If your aim is accurate you should be able to extinguish a fire in one trip.

If you have a water cannon you can shoot the water without having to hover directly overhead. Much safer. Beware of the water cannon's recoil.


This is one of the easiest missions.

Pick up the suits and drop them off.

Use your radar to determine where Transports are supposed to go. Click through your missions list button [M-] or [M+] until you see the word Transport. A white line will indicate the passenger's destination.

This mission pays the least amount of money. They are always the first to be ignored at crunch time.

When a crime is reported the suspect will either be on foot or in a get away car.

If the suspect is on foot hit them with your spotlight and press F4. If the police arrive in time they will spot the suspect and begin pursuit. You can also pick up a cop or two from the rooftop of any police station and deposite them in the area of a reported crime.

If the suspect is in a car you will need to follow while trying to keep it in your spotlight. Press F5 (Police escort). The police will follow your spotlight / getaway car and hopefully be able pull it over and make an arrest. This mission can test your patience.


Each map has at least one speeding car which is not dispatched over the radio. You can detect a speeder by its squealing tires and smoke coming from behind the car.

Pursue the speeder with your searchlight while requesting a police escort. F5 (Police car escort) A police car will chase the speeder as long as it is illuminated by your spot light. Eventually the speeder will pull over.


Requires rescue harness or nerves of steel.

There are a couple of ways to perform a rescue. Use your rescue harness, or perform a "dust off" maneuver. Once a sim has been rescued drop them off at the nearest safe location.

Rooftop Rescue:

Land on the roof, pick up evacuees and deposite them on the ground. Occasionally a Sim will get "stuck" between buildings making a rescue virtually impossible. In some cases (glitches) you just have to ignore them.

Boat Rescue:

Requires rescue harness

Boat rescues are a bit trickier because they can drift from their original reported location. Also the turbulence from your helicopter tends to push them away. Fly over the boat and lower your rescue harness. It might take a few attempts but "drape" the line over the victim until they can latch on, then pull them up. Boat rescues may take two or three attempts due to rough seas and high winds. :-)

Train Rescue:

The train rescue is probably the coolest mission because your evacuee is basically a moving target. You have to fly over the train and lower the rescue harness until they can latch on, then pull them up. Beware of overpasses and tunnels.

A neat trick is to get well ahead of the train and hover just above it's known height. Since the rescuees are riding on the roof, they will literally be INJECTED into your helicopter as the train passes underneath. (Cha-Ching Cha-Ching!)

Dust Offs:

A dust off is any pick up or landing that is performed without actually touching the ground. Watch your altimiter.

You can perform just about all of the above rescue missions by basically "running over" your Sims without landing. If you get really good at it you wont need a rescue harness.


Civil unrest is sometimes the hardest mission to complete because it can take a long time to disperse a crowd and they sometimes "re-riot" after you leave.

Fly to the scene of a reported riot and use your megaphone and spotlight to disperse the crowd. If you call for a police car they will attempt to arrest any criminals in the area. You may also need a fire truck to put out any fires they start. In areas where police presence is minimal, riots may re-occur.

As a last resort you can also use the water cannon or tear gas to disperse a crowd but I consider that bad juju.

In Conclusion:

The final level of the game has the most missions. They will try and bombard you with everything all at once. You just have to pick and choose which missions are most important (yield the highest career points) and ignore the rest. Career points and paychecks change depending on the difficulty settings of the map.

The trick is to earn career points faster than they can be deducted.

If you win the game you will be greeted at the airport by a marching band and fireworks. You will also get the end game movie.

Good job Pilot.

Secret Areas:

One of the secrets of this game is the Apache Helicopter. It is only available in cities with a military base.

The Apache is equipped with a machine gun (space bar) and missile launcher (press m).

Another secret of this game is the UFO.

It is only available in cities where an apache helicopter is present.

What could those pesky aliens possibly be up to? Well for starters they appear to be "beaming" Sims off the face of the planet. For another thing they're setting A LOT of fires.

Try to kill the UFO before it burns the city to the ground. 10 hits with a missile should do it. You get 1000 career points for bagging a UFO.

Radio Stations:

You can add your own radio stations to this game by copying your favorite WAV files to their associated \Simcopter\Sounds directory. You can also make your own call signs and radio commercials. Come to think of it, you could theoretically replace ANY editable bitmaps or wav files in this game to those of your own choosing.

Satellite Dishes:

Yes you can land on them. :-)

Don't ask,

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