Welcome to the Lost Fiction Realms. Right now I have just my stories on here but I am now taking submissions. Details at bottom of page.

I don't own the characters I write about, just the story ideas. And maybe I am being a bit paranoid here but YES there is adult stories on this site (so far only 3...). I refuse to be responsible for offense taken if you decide to read them despite the warnings OR any trouble you get into if your underage and reading them and your parents/teachers find out.

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Submission Guidelines: Email me with the following information: Story title, description, rating, fandom. Also include either a .txt file of the story or a .htm/.html file of the story. If you send a .txt file it will look the way my stories do w/o any special formatting. If you want any special formatting done to it then make your own html file and send it to me in an email attachment. Stories may be any fandom, any rating, any pairing. Send emails to SilverAnaya@aol.com with subject **fanfic submit** (with asterisks)

Comments? Criticisms? Flames? Email Me!!! please put **fanfiction** (with asterisks) in the subject line so I don't delete it.

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