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This page is yet another page that focuses on the X-men, but with a difference...

This page focuses on some of the characters who are my favorites that Marvel has seem to have forgotten.  In fact, upon a recent visit to the Marvel homepage, I discovered they do not even list many of the old x-men any longer, forget about the Original X-Force & any of Generation X.  It was sad.

And the other thing they all seem to have in common?  They all know at least one of the Guthrie Family.

As the page is new, check back often to see the updates & if the links are working.
10-12-01: Images added to the Friends, Chamber & Love Galleries.
10-2-01: FINALLY able to access page again!!! A few images added to Friends Gallery. Rants Page added.
8-24-01: Images added to the Team Gallery.
8-20-01:  Log page added. Now you can see what has been happening on the site.  Images added to Friend, Love & Cannonball Gallery.  A few links were added as well.
8-15-01:  Pictures of New Mutants added to team galleries. Friends, Relationship & Cannonball Galleries also updated. A basic New Mutants team page is added.
Updated: October 25, 2001
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Thank You Stan Lee for starting this wonderful evilness that has captured our imaginations.
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