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[shining star]Hello from Rev. Steve Gingiss !!![shining star]

Name and Location:
Rev. Steve Gingiss, Salt Lake Valley, Utah, USA

Hobbies and Interests:
Biking..softball..ice-skating.. ..boating ..mountain hiking...

Jazz..dancing.. and a travel

Motto:looking for more enlightenment

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[shining star] Birthdate: March 26, 1965

Chicago Illinois, USA

Where I live: Salt Lake valley, Utah

Height: 6'1" Weight: ~215 lbs. Hair: blond Eyes:brown/blue

Shoe size:11 (US)

Glove size: Large

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Education: AAS in Computer Science

Licensed Pagan Minister - active in the Tooele County / SLC pagan community

ProfessionalInterests:working and growing with my company

Musical taste: Rock, Jazz, Pop, Opera, Rap (limited), Country, just about anything in selected quantities...

Favorite artist: Elton John Favorite radio station: 103.5 The ArrowFM (SLC)

Occupation: computer graphics designer (in my spare time)

Support Service Supervisor for SLC software company

Car I Drive:
Dodge Grand Caravan (amethyst)

Other interests: I love to travel, computers, laying on the beach, cuddling (sometimes)

Favorite Food: the kind that doesn't "leave your plate", but no seriously, I'm into different ethnic foods, like Italian antipasta, Greek baklava, German weinerschnitzel, French escargot, etc...

Children: I have three beautiful girls: a 22½ year old, 21 year old, and 16½ year old. The oldest, and the youngest live in Phoenix. My middle daughter (21yo) lives with her boyfriend.
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