Welcome to my world!  I have written a few blurbs and have them here to share with everyone.  While you may not agree with everything I have written, you may agree with me that dating is a scary world, men and women are as different as night and day and that not all of us are 100% sane!

Now before you enter my writings, get a nice glass of wine or a beer, sit back and relax. Above all, keep an open mind.  Most of these were written at a time in my life that was not perfect!
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My "Perfect" Relationship
Where Are The "Good Girls"
Bride Seeks Groom
War Is Hell
That Time of The Month
Spontaneous Combustion
Chrometophobia vs. Peniaphobia
Domestic Reaganomics
SUV's And Other Weapons of Mass Destruction
Guest Book Archive
Too Much Information
Off The Subject....But Please Check this Out Too!

Plight Of The Veteran
Can We Please Rewind?
Battle Of The Sexes
Mirror Effect
Door Mat
The "ONE" Year Itch?
Hey, Mrs. Robinson!
Sexual VS. Nymph
It's For The Best
Money Reward For A Stepford Society
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Clinging to My Military Past
I like to have feedback on my writings, whether it is good or bad.  I just ask that you don't tear apart my writing or my soul for the purpose of your entertainment. 
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I Love You
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
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