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We created this site first of all for our closest people: parents, relatives, friends to thank for their being, support and sharing our delight with us. When two people love each other they don’t want to live only in their own small world, they long to give the most part of own happiness to others, because true Love of Man and Woman is powerful and infinite, and the best joy for two loving hearts is to be beside their Lovely and know that they love and they are loved.




What a grand thing , to be loved! What a grander thing to love!

(Victor Hugo) 

Oh, you don't know who we are and never have heard about us? You are here occasionally? We will be pleased if you have a look at every page of our site, because we want to show and tell you how amazing our Planet Earth is!!! How powerful God is!!! There are milliards of people in the world who live on different sides of  Planet, but among all of them God found and united two souls despite of distance and thousands of miles between them… hola!!! There are NO barriers for LOVE.



In the World of DANE & YELEANNA you will see our simple and happy life with first steps to each other, blossom of our Love and flow of living together.

 Place yourself comfortably :-) and ENJOY life with us!!!


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