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Sea-Monkeys Ocean Zoo Blister

Sea-Monkeys Ocean Zoo Blister
From Educational Insights

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For 45 years, the scientifically designed Ocean-Zoo ? tanks have been crystal clear! Sea-Monkeys seemed tobe happy but now there is something new...NEON HOT Zooquariums! We tested variations of tank hues in our Montauk Marine Laboratory and the Neon Hot tanks were a hands down winner. But what about the Sea-Monkeys? Would they enjoy swimming in spectrally scintillating water bathed in fluorescent hues? We are happy to say that the salty simians appear to be blissfully swimming and reproducing in their new Neon Hot tanks. Try them and see the difference in consumer selection! Ages: 5+

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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #25664 in Toys & Games
  • Brand: Educational Insights
  • Model: 000000006725
  • Released on: 2006-06-12
  • Dimensions: 5.71" h x 2.76" w x 4.53" l, .66 pounds


  • This classic Sea-Monkeys set comes with everything you need to raise your own adorable Aqua-Pets
  • These tank are the classic red or blue colors
  • Comes with tank, illustrated instructions, feeding spoon and three packets
  • #1 Water Purifier, #2 Instant Live Eggs, and #3 Growth Food. Guaranteed to grow!

Editorial Reviews

From the Manufacturer
Sea-Monkeys Ocean Zoo (Blister Pack)

Customer Reviews

The Best Pet!5
When I saw it in the store I just had to get them. I read the handbook many times. I was very excited when the sea monkeys hatched. They are very tiny and white.They are the perfect pet but you have to follow the directions on the box carefully. You need to to 3 tasks each day to their cage. So it may be hard for younger children to care for them. I am going to get more sea monkeys because they taught me a lot about reading all directions. Also because you do not have to take them on walks or give them a bath like other pets.

It really works!!!5
Sea Monkeys are truly amazing! They hatch right when you add bottled water!! They are really gentle and swim in perfect whirls! I highly reccomend this set because this is the tank that started it all!! It is every kid's dream to actually hatch and grow instant life!! It is really true what the manufacturer says! Sea Monkeys do not require high maintenence! They are really fun to watch, don't take up a lot of space, and are easy to set up and care for!! Any Sea Monkey Set makes the greatest gift a kid could ever ask for! Just remember never to place the tank in direct sunlight, and never place it on an unstable surface or where it can get knocked over or they'll die. Carry the tank with both hands but never ever pick it up from the lid. When they hatch, they are only about the size of the period at the bottom of the exclamation mark end of this sentence!

Sea Monkeys5
Sea Monkeys are a great buy for kids or older people. I bought them for my mother who is 83 and unable to get up and move around. She has enjoyed looking at them grow; they are still living after moving around from the rehabilitation hospital, skilled care, and back home! It is definitely a good buy.

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