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Updated September 28th, 2007

Trading Status: VERY Limited Trading

Well, it's been over 10 months since my last update!  Sad thing is that I still have a ton of shows that I haven't even listed on my site.  But...I've had a lot of things going on that has stopped my trading (new job, family, travel, etc...)   

Let's face it - the advent of BitTorrent (DIME and U2T) has made it much simpler to get most of the shows we're looking for thanks to many generous tapers, so interest in trading via snail mail has really gone down.  

I am trading, but am only looking for nice older U2 as well as any IEM/ALD/SBD shows that I don't have.  I have a number of unlisted Vertigo (and other era) IEM & SBD recordings that I'll trade for something equivalent, so if you have something interesting to trade please don't hesitate to drop me a line and I'll get back with you.  You can view my complete wanted list here.

I will trade in SHN or FLAC format if you're interested...just ask!  Wondering what it is and what the benefits of this format are?  Check out my SHN Info page, and visit this site:


Before contacting me to set up a trade, you must read my Trading Rules.  

If you know any flaws in the recording, PLEASE let know so ahead of time.  I try to mention all known flaws in my recordings, but I know I've probably missed a few.  If the recording I receive has problems, I will probably ask you for a reburn.  I would certainly do the same for you! :-)

For openers, I ONLY trade music on CDR.  I don't sell or do blank media trades, upload/download MP3, etc... so please don't ask me about doing any of the above.  Requests like these will go unanswered... Thanks for understanding.

What's New In my collection?

Most Wanted  These are the item I'm really looking for.  I will trade for other stuff as well, but would love to fill in my collection with some stuff on here.

People to avoid: AKA Bad Traders

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