Maps from History
Due to space limitations, only a few historic road maps can be scanned and posted at any given time.

1927 State of Florida (1) (2) (3) Rand McNally Uploaded 12-28-98 (Thanks to D. Schul)

1928 United States of America (NW) (SW) (NE) (SE) Rand McNally Uploaded 2-16-99

1934 Southeastern United States of America (W) (E) KYSO / General Drafting Uploaded 3-8-99

1938 United States of America (NW) (SW) (NE) (SE) Rand McNally Uploaded 2-16-99

1946 District of Columbia (DC) Firestone / Rand McNally Uploaded 12-28-98

1953 United States of America (NW) (SW) (NE) (SE) State Farm / Rand McNally Uploaded 6-2-99

1957 United States of America (NW) (SW) (NE) (SE) Rand McNally Uploaded 6-20-00

1959 Territory of Hawaii (HI) Texaco / Rand McNally Uploaded 1-5-99

To request a scanned map: E-mail me. Please include 1) Area you are looking for, a city to city format is easier to follow and scan. 2) Preferred year or range of years. 3) There will be a $5.00 charge for research fees per scan.
I have access to maps from the late 1920's to the present. The collection spans the United States and Canada, with a few European maps. I have a lot of Florida maps. The maps are road maps with a minimum of relief and topographic data except what you would expect in a road atlas. Smaller area scans are easiest to do and can be responded to quickest. I don't have many local or county street maps. I will let you know if I don't have a map or maps that match your request. Please note that my scanner is not very big, so keep your requests within a reasonable size. Scanning may take a while, so be patient. Also, please confine requests to
historic maps. There are plenty of online mapping programs available from Google and Microsoft, for example.

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