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Meet SUNNY - a grade Paint type mare
This is Sunny the day she came to live with us.
She was 22 yrs. old then.
Sunny is a grade Paint about 14 hands tall.
Here are Sunny and Ziggy ready to go trail riding!
The pic on left was taken in Nov. of 2000 and pic on right was taken in Feb. of 2001. Sunny is aging quite well! We are very thankful that she has been in good health so far!
Since we moved to Florida in 2004, Sunny was given to some friends who are still riding her!
Ziggy has matured immensely from a 3 yr.old(on left) to a 6 yr.old (on right). He has great extension and power from behind! Sarah may do dressage with him someday.
This is TGS Make My Day in the Reg. Morgan Classic Pleasure class in July 1999 at the Portage County Charity Show, taking the blue ribbon with Sarah aboard.
He really did make her day!
This is Ziggy playing in the snow!
Here they are all tuckered out at a show in the summer of 1999
Here they are again showing Saddleseat and Western receiving ribbons!
This is Ziggy and Sarah moving out in an extended trot! Boy he can really trot! That is what helps him to win the Hack Class.
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