Windy Hollow Frilly Felicity
A registered American Classic Shetland Pony

This was taken at an open show in May of 2000.

Felicity was such a good girl!

She placed 3rd out of 5 in
the two yr old and under class.

I could not have been happier with her!

She looks good from either side!

Felicity is now 26 months old and almost 42 inches tall.

Here she is trotting away from the judge down the rail.

It is a nice trot to keep up with.

Felicity will come back down to the walk as soon as I ask her and then we stand in the line up to be judged.
This is the first day that I brought Felicity home.
She is 10 months old.
It was December 1998.

She seemed content in her very own stall, even though she came from a large herd of ponies.

She happily munches her hay.

Here are more pics of Felicity

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This was taken in Febuary 1999.

Felicity is almost 1 yr old!

She does not mind the cold, as you can see, she grows a warm winter coat.

It was a cold snowy day in Febuary, but Felicity doesn't seem to mind, as she  forages for grass or uneaten hay beneath the snow.
Here she is in January 2000.

Look at the length of her mane and tail!

She just loves posing for the camera.

She is abour 42 inches tall.

I had lots of
fun showing Felicity in the" two and under class "at our local show during the summer of 1999.

This is in
May 1999

Felicity is practicing to STAND
so that she is ready when we go to the local show!

Did you notice how nicely she has shed out since winter

We even earned a few ribbons!
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