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I started this site in January 2001

This log begins in January 2002 to help show site updates and my future plans for the site.

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        Can't believe summer is nearly over.  I got to be a barmaid in the Wisconsin Renaissance Festival in Chippewa Falls.  That was fun.  This was the first year it occurred. It is set in the village of Doon Douglas, Scotland 1345.  There were a few rough patches, but overall everything went great!  Look for more great stuff in the future!  There are plans for patron camping, a great hall, more vendors, and maybe even a waterfall!

        Updated MLP collection pages, trade pages, and wish list.



        Updated Gold Nuggets main page, G3 Trades page, Empty Settings, Gold Bars, Gold Dust, & Ponyville collection pages



        Gold Bars, Exotic Spices, Empty Settings (MLP want list), Gold Nuggets (MLP trade list cover page), G1 trades Years 1 - 10, G1 trades - Mail Order/Playset, G1 trades Accessories, G2 Trade page, G3 Trade page, Silk and China --- UPDATED.  I'll probably take some of the pictures off Exotic Spices that are in my Arena Gallery.



        I'm working on updating everything starting with my pony pages.  So far I've updated my G1 (Dream Valley) and G2 (Friendship Garden) pony collections, removed Mosaics (puzzles) and added the info to the Gold Dust page, and added the Ships Papers section.



        Whoa!  Has it been that long?!

        I'm still here.  In between computer issues (my repair man still doesn't believe there is a gremlin living in my computer), school, work, and other stuff,  I've kinda slacked off on my website.  Right now I'm more active at the MLP Arena.  I usually try to visit there once a week at least.

        I've moved most of my pictures to my MLP Arena Gallery to help with traffic here. 

        HOPEFULLY I'll get this site updated soon!  I've started removing some old stuff, rearranging, and adding a few new things!



        Hi!  School's out!  I hope to catch up on my updating now. :)

        Went to the X-fest (Dec 10 & 11) with my friend Dawn.  We had a great time.  Sugarberry really went all out with everything.  :)    I think I've finally succeeded in bringing her back over to Ponyland.  She fell asleep in the car and dreamed of ponies dancing in her head.  She's now hunting down everything stored away from her old collection. ;)



        Still here.  I've been busy with school and work.  Car troubles in September.... First my oil leak got much worse. That was okay, easy to manage as long as I watched it carefully.  Then my transmission went out....  Oh well, at least I was only a mile from home and able to drive it there.  Now I'm alternating between borrowing Mom's van, the "good" farm truck, or hitching a ride.  Otherwise not too much socially.  Had a family reunion and renewed my belief that if I'm strange, at least I'm not alone.  (Also discovered to my delight that I'm not the only rock hound in the family).  Went to the Moose Lake Agate festival with my cousin Ali.  We participated in the stampede and spent about 5 hours in a local gravel pit hunting agates. My friend Dawn got two tickets to Country Jam and was nice enough to invite me.  I fell in love with Blue County, and got their autographs and a photo (Not only are their songs good and they were so nice to everyone, but they are both gorgeous too!)  Also saw Cletus, Trick Pony, and Tracy Byrd.  Lonestar was the big finale.  It was so cute when they had the kids on stage, and their song "Mr. Mom" is hilarious.  In September I went to the Renaissance Festival with Dawn.

        Biggest event was the downfall of the Hackberry in mid-July.  We have a "square" in the front yard made up of 4 trees.  Two are hackberries.  In around 1967 one was split in a storm.  My dad wasn't quite ready to give up on it, so... he tied it back together....   That patch job lasted almost 40 years, including the "big storm" of June 1980 that felled a lot of trees.  It was only about the last 5 years that the tree really started to deteriorate, and this last year was when it started getting dangerous.  It would really move and creak in the wind.  We started planning how to remove it, but we also had a debate going on whether the tree or the cable would go first.

    My brother Ryan was the only one home when the cable snapped.  We had about 2 inches of rain in couple hours, and it just proved to be the last straw.  Ryan heard the snap and witnessed the last bounce of the southern half, the top branches ended up just short of the road.   Luckily, the northern half was caught by the two trees behind it, otherwise we would have gotten a new skylight.  Imagine coming home to this scene in your headlights around midnight.  Oh by the way, the trees are between 2 and 3 stories tall.  I took a quick look with the flashlight, and took a longer time trying to go to sleep.

    The next morning we brought down the northern half using cables and the tractor.  It couldn't have gone more beautifully.  As she fell, the standing half uprooted itself as it pivoted on the stump of the fallen half, before landing right next to that half.  The top branches covered most of the road, so we had to trim them back to clear it.  It took a couple weeks to completely clear the yard.  We found braches several inches in diameter imbedded in the ground.  The other hackberry, which held most of the weight, lost two larger branches.  Amazingly the saplings in it's path escaped almost unscathed.  Now there is a big hole in our yard.  The Hackberry was the fullest of the 4 trees, and the only one with a good "swing" branch.  I tried to estimate it's age, but most of the trunk's interior had rotted away.  The repair job was 40 years ago and I estimated it to have been at least 40 at that time.  So that tree was probably around 90 or 100 years old.

           Right now I'm working on updating my pony pages and completely overhauling my other collections.  Due to circumstances the sell pages are being done first.  Hopefully Other Treasures and Gold Nuggets will be done soon.  If there is a pony you really need that is not on the sell pages but listed in my personal collection, email me and I might have duplicate available.  I'm picking up hours at work a lot so I'll probably be a little slow responding.



            Hi!  I've been really busy with school and other things.  I went on a 4000 mile (round trip) road trip with a friend May 14-21.  We were going to go to Yellowstone but in the Dakotas we heard that most of the passes were closed by snow.  So we went as far as Devil's Tower, made a U-turn, and eventually ended up in Arkansas before heading home.  Visited 4 Laura Ingalls sites -- Walnut Grove, De Smet, Independence, and Mansfield, plus took a picture of Carrie's marker in Keystone.  Camped overnite in Badlands and woke up to a hurricane.  It was so windy the rain was blown through the tent.  Drove around Badlands to see sights and picked up lots of mud -- Sagebrush Road,  Hwy 2, and Hwy 41(?) are not paved like it says on the map. (It only took 3 rainstorms and two trips through the carwash to see my car again).  "Saw" a foggy Mt. Rushmore, took a drive-by picture of Crazy Horse, drove through Deadwood, visited the Sturgis Motorcycle museum, visited a sunny Devil's Tower, and found O.C.C. t-shirts at a gas station in Wyoming all in ONE day.  Went to Arkansas to look for quartz.  Discovered a huge truck route between Little Rock and Memphis (at least 10 trucks to every car).   Drove from 100 miles south of St. Louis (just missing the worst of morning rush-hour) to home in Wisconsin in about 12 hours (including all rest stops, meals, and a rain-delay near the Dells.  Only mishaps -- Left lights on at Walnut Grove, and hit two birds (second one sort of exploded)

            Still updating, but my meet page is done (Pirate's Dens).  My Other Treasures pages (other collections sale pages) are going to take awhile, so I've put them off for now.  Adding new pages to Brooches and Rings to reflect my Lord of the Rings obsession and my misc. trading card collections.  Will probably group some of my smaller collections on fewer pages to limit the number of pages linked off Brooches and Rings.  Also added a few more items to my pony trade pages.  Even though I'm not updating, I'm still here.  I usually visit the MLP Arena at least once a week, and I try to keep up on my e-mail.



            Boy there is a lot of work to do after 7 months of downtime!

            I've gotten a lot done, but there is still a lot to do.

            I'm currently working on updating my site to reflect my G3 collection.  Plus my new web-site maker doesn't have most of the fonts I originally used, so I'm trying to find substitutes.  As a result my "old" pages won't match the updated ones.  I have finally been able to add new arrivals to my pony pages and trade pages.  Still working on revamping my other collections pages.  When I get time I'll also add pictures from both the '02 and '03 McHenry meets.



        I'm BACK!!! 

        Due to technical difficulties (AKA computer failure), I've been unable to update my web page.  I'll be updating as soon as I find time to write and unravel the mystery that is my new computer. :) 

    Yippeee for 3 years in Ponyland!!!

    P.S.  During the down time, I've developed a bad case of  Lord of the Rings.  I'm currently trying to collect all the trading cards.  Not to mention anything else I see that I can afford. 



        Made various updates throughout the site. I've updated the MLP Continued page and added on info on the "2003" ponies.  New links have been added as well.  

        Can anyone tell me the difference between MO Blossom/MO Cotton Candy and their store versions?  I know they are supposed to have a wider stance and be made of slightly different plastic, but it is hard to see those differences.  I do know that I have two obviously different versions of each.  I have a light Blossom and a dark Blossom, the darker one seems to have a slightly more open stance.  I also have a lighter and a darker Cotton Candy.  The lighter one has blue eyes and the darker one has purple eyes. 



        Haven't had much time to update lately.

        The accessories from my trade have arrived.  I now have most of the accessories for the Dream Castle (Now I just need the castle!) and most of the main pieces for Paradise Estate, plus some of the furniture.

        My auctions have also arrived.  Among the items in the accessory lot there was a desk to the UK Schoolhouse!  It is missing its lid and a piece of one of the feet broke in the mail, but otherwise it's great!:)  The pony/accessory lot is just terrific.  Almost all of the ponies are in great to excellent condition (after a little bath), especially STARFLOWER!!  There are also several rarer items in with the accessories.  There are 2 yellow Big Brother bandannas, Megan's headband from Flower Darlings, Bunny pal from Bunny Suit, Princess Sparkle's damsel hat, Baby Sundance's Bridle, magenta Sundance Bridle, and 2 Powder Puff charms!  I first thought that they were Pixie from the Charmkins series, but to my delight they were Powder Puff from the first Fan Club offer. :)

    Gold Bars, Exotic Spices, Silk & China, Pony Village, and Gold Nuggets have been updated to reflect my new acquisitions.  As of now my pony total is 859 ponies (439 different, 211 duplicates,  209 tradables).  Plus tons of misc. items.  



        The first of my auctions has arrived and I've sorted them out.  They were a little dirty, but mostly okay once they had a bath.  Baby Bow Tie has a bit of a frizz in her mane, but is otherwise fine.  Tootsie looked like she had a thin tail, but looks much better after a comb and wash.



        Yippeeeeeee!  I actually won some of my auctions on eBay!   I have to wait until they arrive to be certain of their condition, but they all look great!  I won UK Bow-Tie, NSS Magic Star, Baby Bow Tie, and 4 others in one auction.   Despite the fact that one of the ponies in the auction has a frizzled-out tail, I think my three "headliners" are okay.  It looks like they need brushing, but their hair doesn't have that frizzy look.  In the next lot of 8 ponies, I won STARFLOWER!!!!! (Now I'll have all the Rainbow Ponies).  All the ponies in this lot look great. :)  I won a second lot from the same seller.  It is clothing and misc. accessories.  It includes 2 of the charmkin ponies, and 2 brother bandanas.  The last auction I won is also for clothes and some misc. accessories.  

        In other news, I found another Star Wars Puzzle (1977).  It shows Luke at the farm, the box is great and all the pieces are there. :)  I also found a second Wind Sweeper.  I'm going to hang on to her for now, but she'll probably go on my trade pages as a trade-only.  I really want to expand my Dream Beauty collection. :)  I'm also in the middle of a trade for Dream Castle and Paradise Estate accessories.  

        I'm in the process of going through my collection for any variants I might have missed.  So far I've decided to list a dark blue Bow Tie.  I'm undecided about a Windy I've found.  I compared her to my others and she doesn't even have a hint of lavender on her, but she's not white either.  She's kind of a grayish color.  So I created a new section called possible variants on my Gold Bars page until I can be sure.



         Updated Charmkins page and added scans of pamphlet.  Updated Gold Nuggets pages.  Updated Gold Bars and Empty Settings pages.  Worked on Ships Papers section.  Added some thumbnail backcard scans. (To see some of them full-size, go to the Backcards site on my links page.)



        Yippie!  I now have a scanner!  I'll be adding my pamphlets to the Lost Tomes page now and maybe update a few other pictures.  Since many pamphlets are larger than the screen, I'll have to piece them together in the photoshop as best I can.



        Cool date, but today I have something even better!  I just found out that Hasbro has instructions available for many of its old products, including MLP items!! :)  I added the site to my links page, but I'll also put it here along with a list of instructions presently available. 

Hasbro Game and Toy Instructions: 

My Little Pony Brush Me Beautiful Boutique                                 My Little Pony Dream Castle

My Little Pony Paradise Estate                                                    My Little Pony Petite Ponies Happy Hearts Cottage

My Little Pony Petite Ponies Pony Prints Cabin                             My Little Pony Petite Ponies Prancing Pretty Carousel

My Little Pony Petite Ponies Royal Pony Palace                            My Little Pony Petite Ponies Twinkle Treats Ice Cream Shoppe

My Little Pony Petite Ponies Whinny Winks Inn                           My Little Pony Pony Garden Carry Case

My Little Pony Pony Perm Shoppe                                             My Little Pony Poof 'n Puff Perfume Palace

My Little Pony Rock A Bye Bed                                                My Little Pony Royal Throne

My Little Pony Royal Throne in Spanish and in French                   My Little Pony Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe

My Little Pony Scrub a Dub Tub                                               My Little Pony Show Stable

My Little Pony Sweet Dreams Crib                                                            My Little Pony Sweet Talkin' Pony


        12/20/02     &       12/21/02

        Just two cool dates



        Cool!  I found my first (second-hand) Mummy Charm!  It's Funny Face.  She has a few rubs and her symbol is gone, but no teethmarks!  That brings my total to three.  (I already had Tell-a-Tale and Sweetheart in my original collection.)



        Yep, I'm still here.  I've added new arrivals to Exotic Spices and Lost Tomes, and new pictures to Pony Village and Gold Dust.  New arrivals to Exotic Spices are the UK Sweet Kisses Ponies, Italian Peachy, and Italian Parasol.  Lost Tomes has 3 more pony comics.  In Pony Village, most of my playsets have at least one picture. There have also been a couple other ponies added to my collection (Gold Bars) and my trade pages (Gold Nuggets).  I've added a new section with some lists of my other likes (Ships Papers).



        Another update.  I found Circle Dancer!! (My most wanted Dream Beauty)  I've also added some more clothes to my collection including the straw hat to the Tea Party costume, the bridle & blanket of Parade Pizzaz (loose rein and a broken elastic, but still in great condition), and a sunbonnet & a beach blanket that goes to the Sun and Fun set.   I'm working on finishing the Pony Village section.  I also need to add pictures to Gold Dust and Mosaics.



        I think I have about everything updated now.  My totals are now 419 different ponies,  205 duplicates, and 215 to-trade.  This adds up to 839 ponies plus tons of misc and I'm still going! :)  I'll finish updating over the next few days.  I have everything in my files, but not all of the ponies and items have been added to my site yet.  I'm also adding more pictures to Gold Dust and Mosaics.



        The meet was great!  I met some great people and found some nice ponies.  I've made a page for the meet (and any others I can get to) called Pirates' Dens.  I hope to add some pictures of the meet if I can get access to a scanner.  I'll be adding links to other sites featuring the meet as soon as I can.



        I haven't had much time for my site lately because we just had a family reunion.  I've spent the last month packing up all my collections and putting them into storage again.

We had a reunion in 2000 at one of Dad's sister's house, this year it was here.  I think it was easier here because so much of our family is still in the area.  We were able to "spread out" more people among more relatives.  One of Dad's cousins teaches line dancing, so we did that at the town hall Friday night.  Saturday was the family picnic.  And Sunday was the reunion for the one-room school house that used to be in my neighborhood.  Needless to say I've met a lot of people I should know, but have no idea who they could be.  Luckily someone thought of nametags, which included name and which branch of the family they were from.  

    Now I'm getting ready for an upcoming pony meet.  It's going to be fun digging everything out again.  My ponies shouldn't be too much of a problem because they have their own corner and shelves in the basement.  (I do need to thin out some of my misc. pony stuff)  It's going to be harder to sort through my other collections though.  There wasn't room so I had to store them elsewhere :)



        I've added a few pictures and other updates to my pony pages.  I had a great Sweet Secrets find:  the hairdryer/patio set, the rocking horse part of a Locket-Bye-Baby set, and a few Sweet Secret gem girls.   I'm also finishing up my other sell pages.



        Yippee! I now have all 4 of the UK School Time Ponies! :)

        Boy, this took longer than I thought.  I finished going through the boxes after about a week.  It was the typing that took longer.  For some reason it has been busy at work lately and I've had to work most of the last two weeks.  I also admit to skipping out to enjoy the weather whenever possible.  

        Most of my collections should now be listed.  There are a few odds and ends I need to find, but the bulk is there.  A few books got some water damage while in storage.  There was a small leak that was just big enough to get some box bottoms wet.  Most were okay inside, but two were closer to the leak.  There were only about a dozen books damaged, most of which I was able to salvage with a damp cloth.  These books vary from okay to having water stains, but there were three books with the thicker "cardboard core" covers that got hit pretty bad.  The Mystery Box (a Disney book) should be able to keep it's cover, but it's pretty damaged.  The other two (Charlie Brown Encyclopedia vol. 1 & vol. 2) have okay pages but the covers are pretty much totaled.  If you want these three you can have them.



        Day three of the great treasure hunt.  I think I've found most of my collections.  I have 2 boxes yet to go through, and I'm still listing everything I've found.  As things wind down I'll be moving  more stuff to the trade pages.  Until then extra items can be tradable. 



        I need to thin out my collections!!!   My house is being overrun by ponies, care bears, smurfs, etc.   With the weather warming up I can now get to the items I have in storage.  I hope to be able to list everything over the next few days (or weeks).  Items for sale will be on the Loose Gems pages.  Some items in the Brooches and Rings sections may be available, but I don't think I can bring myself to part with much yet.    I can't find a good price guide, so most items won't have prices.  Those that do have prices will be negotiable.



        My auction items have come in along with some other ponies I've picked up elsewhere.  I'm working on adding everything to their respective pages.  Some items include: a Medley frame puzzle, a large lot of teaset items, a poster (have a spare available), and parts from the Scrub-a-Dub Tub.  I'll be adding a couple ponies to the Gold Nugget (trade) pages. 



        Went thrift "saling" today.   No ponies, but did find a relatively large lot of charmkins.  I think I have a complete charmkins jewelry case now.  It has the top shelf, the storage door, the gate and fences, and all the decals are good.  Also included were several charmkins and matching accessories (pocket clips, button holders, etc.).  I did end up with a couple accessories that were missing their matches.  I'll have to keep a watch on the store to see if any of the missing charmkins turn up.  This latest lot almost doubles my collection.



        The items from my UK auction arrived!  I got a card game, a puzzle, and pony dominoes.  The card game and pony dominoes each have their own page, linked off of the Exotic Spices page.



        I'm still adding pictures to my pony pages.  Right now I'm working mostly on the Mosaics (puzzle) pictures.  I'm also working on finishing the Gold Dust section.  Most of the pictures are up, but I may have to do some reorganizing.  I'm expecting more items soon, I'll add them to the site when they arrive.  



        I got Flowerburst, she has a UK box!!  There are 4 Sweetheart Sisters shown (2 on ea. side).  On the back is her story and a picture of six ponies together on display (Sweetheart Sister, Sweetberry, Sunshine, Merry Go Round, Candy Cane, & Dance 'n' Prance).  I also got Bubblefish and the "Umbrella Pony" stick-on clock from the same seller.  At Goodwill the other day I found MO Snuzzle and TE Sweet Stuff, they'll probably end up on my trade pages.  I'm also getting closer to getting a complete Baby Buggy.  The one I found at Goodwill had the umbrella handle this time. :)



        I've added a page for the Dream Castle 3D Stand Up Fantasy Action Game, linked from the games section of Gold Dust.  I have everything pictured from the game, but I decided not to put the rules up right now.  Also anything from the "new" pony series is now listed on the MLP Continued page.  I'm constantly adding pictures of my collection.  Exotic Spices is almost done and the Gold Dust section is coming along well.  



        I've added more info to my Mysteries of the Deep section (Ringlets Gems).  For the last few years I've been keeping a list of pony stuff I've seen.  I managed to recover some old files and I've been piecing them together.  The result is a list of all the pony stuff I know about.  I still have more to add and some duplicate listing to take care of, but overall I think it's a good list.  There aren't any pictures because I started the list when we still had our old computer and didn't have the capacity to store much.  I also don't have permission to use any pictures I've managed to print out for personal use.  Items already in my collection are not included on the list.  Whenever I get an item it will be moved from the items list to the Gold Dust section.

        There is also a new page for a MLP card game I've had since I was little.  It is linked off of the Gold Dust page (see games section) and the Gold Ingots page.  I've included pictures of the cards and a copy of the rules that came with it.

        Dream Valley has a new address, so I've changed the link.

        There are several new arrivals coming including Flowerburst with her box (Yes! Another story for my Parchment Scrolls!)



        I've added more pictures to my misc. pony collection pages and have expanded some sections into their own pages.  As always I've also added more to my other collections trade pages. :) 



        Still working on my collection and listing misc. trades.  Just added some new pictures to my Gold Dust section and I'm going more into detail on items in this section as well.  Also added pictures to Exotic Spices.



        Just another cool date.  At 8:02 pm the date reads: 20:02 20/02 2002 (time, day, month, year).  This last happened in 1001 and can't happen in 3003.



        Finally got around to changing the picture on the front page.  The "Adventure Cruse" picture is still on the Lost Tomes page, along with two other views of this pamphlet.  Snowflake, NSS Shady, and Nice 'n' Spicy have been added to Exotic Spices.  Also, the pony trade pages should be all up to date now.



        This is so cool!  I found 2 Dream Beauties today in my "pony-hunt" --- Stardazzle and May Fair.  Their biggest problem is that they both have a bad leg (looks like someone tried to bend it).  Now I have an extra Stardazzle.  I have to decide whether to sell her or keep her for now.  I'll probably make her a trade only so I can increase my Dream Beauty collection.  I also found a couple more ponies to add to my trade page.



        Finally finished updating Gold Bars.  I've gone through all my ponies now and I'll be adding 46 more ponies to the Gold Nuggets section over the next few days.  This brings my collection totals to 381 different ponies, 194 duplicates, and 227 to trade/sell.  The next project is the Gold Dust section.  

        I'm also still working on my other collections.  I really need to make room for my other stuff.  I've got a basic list for most of my things, but I can't double check it until I can get the rest out of storage.  I expect to have some extra Care Bear stuff, Disney stuff, Peanuts (plaques and books mostly), and Muppets stuff available for sale.  I've already listed all my Transformer stuff and will be adding more Star Wars and Misc. stuff.



        Still working on thinning out my collection.  Doesn't the date look cool. :)


        01/23/02    Log Begins:

        Most of my My Little Pony sections are up and running, but I still want to add more pictures to the Mosaics page and reorganize the Gold Dust page.  I need to update my collection page (Gold Bars) and my MLP trade page (Gold Nuggets).  I'm still in the process of sorting out some new finds and thinning out my duplicates, but I'll keep updating the trades as I go along.  Right now I'm focusing on listing my other collections and their trade pages.  Most of my other collections are in storage, so it may be awhile before I can finish their sections.  I really need to thin things out. :)

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