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Hello Fellow Collectors!!!
We started collecting back in May of 2002. I myself, have been a big fan of Star Trek since the mid 70s and became an instant Star Wars fan like a majority of people did in 1977. I don't believe that one can't be a fan of both Star Trek and Star Wars. I feel that they both have their pluses along with being great American symbols of Pop Culture.  I enjoy Star Trek because of it's positive storytelling vision of our future as the human race! I enjoy Star Wars for the Fantasy Spectacle that it is(Good vs. Evil)! I got involved with this hobby so that my daughter and I could share a common interest. I first started collecting the vintage cards because they brought back so many memories. My daughter is a great kid with an awesome imagination and somehow that had kindled my interest. Now like most of you, we're both hooked!
We Love to Trade........But will Buy if there's a good
deal to be had!
Like most collectors, we would prefer to trade, but understand that we won't always have what everyone might need. If a fair and reasonable deal is offered to us, we  will choose on occasion to buy what we need also. I collected sportcards for almost 20 years. The reason I got out of sports card collecting is that it became a big business. Non Sports Cards was created for the  true collectors....Let's keep it that way.....Understanding that having a few  business people in the hobby is fine. Just as long as they're
collectors FIRST AND FORMOST! If I could afford to collect every sci-fi card available, I would. Sadly enough, I can't and have to settle collecting mainly my favorite two. Generally,  we are willing to pay around 25-50% Book as listed in  the Non-Sports Update (NSU) Price Guide for the Cards we need on our Wantlists. (Give or Take a little Depending on the Card of course) We understand that NSU Values are just a guide and are willing to consider any fair offers for trading and buying.
If there is an
Asterick (*) and Highlighted in red next to a card listing, that means we recently made a trade or purchase and we are waiting to get the card or cards. We will update the list often! Promise!
We have many cards for Trade or Sale from many different sets. As a fair guide, we generally will
trade NSU Book Value for NSU Book Value. We also prefer to trade autographs for other autographs, but will consider any reasonable offer you may have. We are currently working on an inventory of the cards that we have collected over the last year and have many extras to trade. The list is long, but here are a few examples:
We have many cards to trade....Just look at the Available to Trade links below....
Please Click on the Buttons Below to See all the Cards on our Wantlists-Autographs Wanted are now combined with the Base Cards and Inserts Wanted. We Also List the Star Trek and Star Wars cards we have available for trade which both are updated constantly!
We Have Updated our Site to Include Other Non-Sports Sets that we would like to collect-Including The Twlight Zone, The Outer Limits, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Lord of The Rings Trilogy and Battlestar Galactica...We would be more than happy to cross trade between sets, but please understand that our priority in our collection in Star Trek and Star Wars. so we may ask for more than "Book for Book" Value.  We would also gladly trade for bigger name star Authentic Autographed cards from other Sets. Still.....Star Trek and Star Wars is and always will be Our Main Obsession!
Ally is also a Big Harry Potter Fan, so we have included these sets to the want lists also. We Will update the list as new cards are made available. Many Thanks!
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