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Tommy has met up with several other New Beetles in his lifetime. Here is a some info on his friends.


Owner: Karen Talley
Stock Specs: 1999 White 2.0 Automatic GLS; Grey Cloth Interior
Modifications: Fog Light Grilles; European Emblems; CD Changer; Stickers
Association: When I first got Tommy, I didn't have a driver's liscense: only a learner's permit. So, I could drive, but only with a parent in the passeneger seat. As a result, my Mom would often drive Tommy to work, so I could be picked up from school in my car. In time, Mom got used to driving him, and really liked it. Luckily, the lease on her previous car (A Pontiac Grand AM) was just about up, so we were in the market for a new vehicle. After some intial concern about the shock value of owning two N.B.'s, Marshmallow was adopted on December 26, 1999. Although Mom was initially wary of owning a White car, she soon grew to love the color. Whenever Marshmallow gets dirty, she looks like a "toasted" Marshmallow! All in all, Tommy is happy to share his garage with such a cool bug.
Pictures: Marshmallow in Snow


Owner: Susan Hester
Stock Specs: 2001 Vortex Blue 1.8 Turbo GLS, Manual; Black Leather Interior
Modifications: Clear Front and Rear Marker Lights; European Emblems; CD Changer; Billet Alluminum Antenna; Perfect Fit Black Bra; Techtonics Tuning 2.5" Stainless Exhaustw/Borla muffler and Oval A4 tip
Association: Bluebee is Susan Hester's second New Beetle. Visit Bluebee's Realm to learn more. Susan was the first person we met from west Texas that was on the list. She lives in Canyon, about 2 hours north of Lubbock. Tommy first met Bluebee when Susan came down to help install Marshmallow's European Emblems. It's amazing how even though Tommy and Bluebee are 4 years apart, they look exactly the same (well, except for the mirrors and Susan's modifications). Tommy looks forward to visiting Bluebee some more in the future.
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