New! Improved! Easier on the eyes! (Holy crapoli — all the TEXT fields even load!) a squire and heavy-weapons fighter in the Society for Creative Anachronism, an organization devoted to the life, study, and reenactment of the Middle Ages.

He used to maintain webpages on both WebTV and Angelfire, along with about a BILLION subdirectories full of silly dreck, which he updated quite regularly. However, around November of 2004 he pretty much said "meh" and quit doing all of that. No one has quite figured out why.

Nowadays that task has fallen to his lady — who, since intervening to apply her Mad HTML Skillz™, has hopefully mopped up the eyeball-hash that Yahoo! PageBuilder's drag-and-drop software had made of this website, and generally helped things be less of an eyesore around here.

[Disclaimer: Should the editorial slant of these pages become too strong at any point, do feel free to email Ragnarr and remind him that he CAN update the silly @#$%in' thing himself. So there. -- Fionn]


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  • Ragnarr's LiveJournal Updated some months.

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  • About Lady Fionnghuala na Lamh-Bann (OT)

  • Right: the Tower of Settmour Swamp ( it looked, about 5 minutes before the architect grabbed his gold and ran like hell.)

  • Barony of Settmour Swamp

  • Canton of Gryphonwald

  • The Great Dark Horde

  • Clan na Bheithir

  • Longwood Gardens

  • Tales of the Ninja-Celt

  • Medieval Re-enactment
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