The up stairs was not as bad as the down stairs but it still had problems. When we came up the stairs there was a big open room and in the  far right  coner of this room was a bathroom WITH NO WALLS!!!!!The room  had junk every where, there were speakers, stero parts, trash, books, boxes, bed frames, toys, notebooks, paper, and  crodie things ..... It was gross. Then on the right wall was a door that led in to another room and in there was drywall pieces, plywood, boxes beds,a bookshelf closet doors, tables, and a big role of carpet. Well you know all that stuff was just soooooo heavy and awkward and steve was no where in sight to help and the window was standing out real well at this point........ so .....E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G went out the window EVERYTHINIG!  When we threw the doors out the window, the lady who lives next door look out her window and mom just looked back out at her and waved real big and the lady waved back one of those kinds of waves weather your not sure to wave or not and mom smiled  real big and she was probably thinking "Oh my gosh, a bunch of weirdos just moved in next door to me" . There is one more room up stairs, past the second room it is *blue*. It is the smallest room and I use it for storage and for my computer. When we stared to really clean we found the real gross stuff .... there was a dead bird in the blue room and it was stuck to the floor cause it had been there so long. The florcent lights were so dirty that hardly any light could get through. When I took the glass out a dead mouse fell on me.  My mom is deathly scared of mice, she was standing right by me, I scremed MOUSE!!!!! and she all but had a panic attack. The toilet I think had more stuff on it then had ever been flushed down it. The shower took me a week to clean with a Black and Deck scum buster, which we found under the bathroom sink.  I told mom maybe some one gave that to them on Christmas as a hint to clean their house. I guess they didnt get it. The box had never even been opened nor had the batterie ever been charged. The floors were covered in dry wall dust and plywod was stained snow white. Youcould not even walk on it hardly because it would turn your feet  white. The carpet will be layed this winter. there is no outlets in the middle room but wires that would connect to the outlet  so I now have extension cords running around my room for the T.V. and my steiro that I have thanks to my broher who hooked it up for me because he's cool like that. But now the dirt is gone and you can see the floor and the walls. The dust has been dusted and the remaining carpet has been cleaned. Some walls have been painted untill the walls are redone cause you can only handle so much paneling. The house since we have been here, and we have been cleaning  it for the past few months has been made liveable.It has taken us all this time and we are still cleaning up the mess that was left here for us to clean up.!!!!! LET THE REMODLEING BEGIN !!!!!
We have started the remodling in the house and we started  it in the living room . A few months ago we striped the wall paper in the living room and that was somewhat the begining. two weeks ago we began to rip out the celing ...I don't even know where to begin.... but I will start with man=idiot+what he thinks is a good idea=very bad idea=coal furnace+plaster+many years-tape,and plastic=very dirty house,dirty cats,dirty dogs,dishes, clothes, bodies,funiture,dirty everything ,and one mom with a nervous breakdown.
      When we tore down the celing black coal  dust went everywhere from where the house used to have a coal furnace . You would not belive the mess nothing in the whole house was clean . Then we had to take down the lave boards as well and above the  lave boards was this insolation stuff that looked like snow and it was just as bad as the coal dust. we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned but every time we got one room cleaned the others would be dirty again so mom finaly went in the (for now) living room and cried then she said tina get the hose and hook it to the kitchen sink and turn it on so I did and then we took all of the dishes and little christmas village things and anything else we could find dirty and stuck it in the dishwasher and then put laundry soap on the floor and hosed the kitchen down and sweeped the water down the heating vents that were disconnected and it went stright down the basement and pumped out with the sump pump. It was the bad. and we conntinued to do this in all of the rooms down stairs. As for the animals have you ever heard of oxyiclean?? It works just like they say  it does on tv and a little bit is ok to use on cats (I told you it was bad) and while all this was going on our drier had to go to the shop and it took 4 weeks to get back and then when we got it back the washer broke.the button thing that makes it come on when you close the lid fell off so they brought us a new one and it wouldnt spin and then they had to bring us another one then the third one they brought had a leak in it and had to be fixed so mom spend about three days in tears cause nothing would or could be come clean . But before all of this we got fleas about the begining of fall and we usually do about about that time of year cause we have animals that go out side, but anyway we got the stuff to bomb the house and two days after we bombed the house we had fleas agian and usually once we bomb there gone well we bomb agian and again and again and still had fleas and couldnt figure out why  well charlie is also rewireing the house cause the braker box is out side and everything is either not put in well or not at all any way so now we had to go to the basement and rip out the old wireing, well we go down to the basement  see what needs to be done and we discover that they had  put fiberglass instlation under the hard wood floors and we were also covererd in fleas in the basement so as you guessed the fleas went in between the floorboards and staying in the instalation and were coming back up after we had bomed so we began to take the instlation out and I got sick and ended up in the ER cause I inhalled to much  instalation and dust and when we got all of  it out we got rid of the fleas and the basment was worse than we thought when it came to dirt  we began to clean. there was piles of dirts that looked as if someone was "growing" somthing down there . and I began to sweep the dirt from a dark corner t toward the pump and all of the sudden mom screamed "get it away" and so I looked down and I seen  a rat tail then I seen legs and a body and I started to scream ....and scream (I dont do good with dead things) this was the first dead rat we found and while taking the insolation out one had the nerve to fall on my head . I think people in china heard me scream omg it was so gross but we finally got the basement done in time for the electrical  guy to come out and inspect the place were we were going to to put the box. (which is now been installed)

*The up stairs*
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