My house
           The story behind the house .........In Febuary of 2001 my grampa called my mom and asked her if she wanted this house. After thinking about it not hard enough, she said "yes." So April 24, when the people whom where living here moved out, We came down that weekend to get our first glimpse of the inside of the house, what we were getting ourselfs into and to start cleaning up the mess that was left behind.
             The yard  it's self should have been enough to condemn the place. There were dump trucks, tools, car parts, dump truck beds, trash, axels for a tri axel mack, two septic trucks, a trailor, tires, lawn mowers, piles of dirt and gravel, and stuff you wouldnt belive. Right down to tooth brushes just laying around the yard. The grass hadn't been mowed, the trees were over grown, flower beds overflowing with weeds as big as small trees and broken branches that had fallen.This was just the yard!!
       Then theres the  house.......The house hadnt been painted in years. The paint was peeling  off of it and falling to the ground. There were boards missing in places, and  windows were duck taped togeather. We cleaned one window and it broke because the only thing holding it together was the dirt. Some of the windows don't even open. Most of the windows need to be replaced before winter comes.
          Then there is the inside of the house. We  walked in the back door on the porch. There was this box thing that had been built.  It was used to keep their dogs in. The pen still had dog food in it and stunk really bad. There had been a hole cut in the wall. It was used to let the dogs out into the dog run. It hadnt been cleaned in a very very long time. So I cleaned that out with a hose and a big shovel. We took the pen on the porch out.We had to bleach the floor 3 times to kill the smell. The porch walls were almost black form the dirt where the pen was. Then we walked through the back door and we came in to the laundry room. There was carpet with a rug nailed to it that look like it hadn't been cleaned in a few years. The laundry room had originaly been the kitchen.  We know this because the cabinets are still there and when we cleaned them I kid you not, the dust and dirt was a half inch thick. We ripped out the carpet to find that there was 3 layers of tile and one layer of partical board, before you got to the hard wood floor under it.This was not fun to take out. The board was so old and dry rotted it would crumbel just by touching it.The walls are paneling and behind the paneling was mix between lave boards and plaster ready to fall off the boards. We are going to redo the walls this winter. The wall when you walk in that is directly in front of you, has a door way on the right hand side that turns and goes up stairs and then on the left hand side, is a door that goes under the stair case in to the kitchen. The wall on the left hand side has a door that goes in to Toni's room.
          In Toni's room there was this ugly blue carpet and more paneling . The room smelled like dog feces so bad that we could barely walk in it. We took out that carpet with rubber gloves. Under that there was this wood-like tile that was really ugly so we ripped out that flooring too. Thankfully there was only one layer of tile flooring in this room and one layer of plywood. The color of paneling gets old real fast when most of the walls are paneling, so my mom and I painted it white until we redo the walls. Then we are going to put up a new celling. On the left hand side wall of Toni's room, is the door that goes in to the office.  It was pretty much clean beside a few spider webs and it needed to be vacumed.
        The basement door is also in Toni's room. When we first went down there it looked like the kinda of place you would put a man like Bin Laduan (oh did I say that).  There was a bed down there that had deteriorated, it had been down there so long. There were stuff animals covered in mold and cob webs , bees had made a nest down there. My mom  wouldn't go down there by herself. At the top of the stairs before the landing (going down to the basement) there are pluming pipes from the upstairs bathroom.  They come down the out of the "so called celling" and slant to the right and go under the staris on the second step. They are not closed in or have anything supporting them. Birds  got in between the two floors and made nest. This is another thing that will be cleaned come this winter.
            The bathroom down stairs is under the stair case to the left. Again there was moldy carpet and cobwebs.  We took out the carpet. From where the shower head had been leaking on the floor it had began to mold so we bleached the floor to keep it from getting worse and to kill the mold. The tub, NO JOKE had dust in the bottom of it. I know this because I personally cleaned it. The people had only been gone three days!! We  put some new flooring down to cover up the plywood.  The walls of the bathroom have nanoleium on them and wood trim across the middle of the wall. The toilet was utterly disgusting, I honestly dont belive it had ever been cleaned I still can't believe people could live like this.
         Then if you keep going under the stairs you well come into what is now the kitchen, but was the dining room and is now both and once agian we have paneling. I hate paneling. They had put carpet in here to and it was flthly beyond belief. They had put in a drop celling to cover up the holes that had made in the orginal celling when they were looking for a stud to run the heating ducts for the upstairs vents. The counter tops were covered in a thick grease flim. There are shelvs that were built to make the doorway to the mast. bed room smaller. They had a thick layer of dust covering them.
There was 6 layers of flooring in the kitchen and one layer of partical board it took us almost a week to remove it. Form this point we gather instead of cleaning the floors and walls they just put new ones up /down to clover the dirt. My parents bed room is off the left from the kitchen . This was originaly was the living room and had been converted to a bed room. The put up more  .............PANELING. There was a door on the right hand wall in which they covered it with paneling. It  went in to the entry hall way . They put a closet on the other side of the wall and had build another closet in the bed room and agian heating ducts ran down the wall in the closet and they arent closed in.
        If you were to keep walking through the kitchen you will come to the living room. This room was the parlor. The carpet in this room was so old and dirty that you didnt even want to walk on it, ever with your shoes on. The walls were coverd with 18 layers of wall-paper and some of them had been painted in between layers . It took us about two weeks to steam the wall paper off. and to the left hand side is the enrty hall. There was just the carpet and the foam layers in this room Thank God.
         In the entry halll There was a closet that had covered one of the doors to the my parents bed room. The walls were paneling agian. There was more tile flooring and partical board. Were took out the Paneling and it was the lave boards and you can see out side in some places. And all this is just the down stairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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