Anatomy of a Pointe Shoe
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(1) platform of tip
(2) edge of pleats or feathers
(3) outer sole
(4) waist seam
(5) quarter or heel section
(6)vamp: top of the box that covers the toes (vamp length is the distance between the drawstring knot and the top edge of the box. Some European manufacturers refer to vamp length as the distance between the drawstring knot and the edge of the pleats or feathers)
(7) pleats or feather: an area underneath the box where the satin is pleated to fit under the sole
(8) wings or supports
(9) shank or narrow supporting spine: attatched to the back of the insole
(10) stiffened box or block: made of layers of glue and fabric surrounding the toes and ball of the foot
(11) drawstring knot
(12) drawstring casing: piece of bias tape stitched around the edge of the shoe to contain the drawstring
(13) insole
(14) back seam: divides the quarters
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