What to do with old Pointe Shoes
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It happens to anyone who's danced en Pointe. After a while, you have drawers filled with old Pointe shoes, and they keep on piling up. You don't want to throw them away, so what's a dancer to do? Here are some ideas...

Deshank them
- This is the "useful" method. It only works with a few brands of shoes.....I know you can do this with Capezios, Blochs, Freeds, and Gambas. I know you can't deshank Gaynor Mindens or Grishkos (well, theoretically you can, but they get massively screwed up and you can't wear them). This is not easy and sometimes takes a while. However, working in demi-pointe shoes is great for building foot strength. If you do not want to wear them, some schools (like mine) start training kids in these pre-Pointe shoes before they go en Pointe. Perhaps they can be of use there.

Hang them up- Sound simple? It is! Just tie the ribbons together in a bow. You can hang them in an arrangement on the wall or over closet or door handles. Another good idea is to put pushpins into the top of sides of a doorframe and hang them from there.

Decorate Them- If you have a pair that wore out when they were still relatively clean, take some rhinestones and flowers and glue them onto top of the vamp, near the drawstring. For a more vintage look, put the flower in the middle and small (preferably clear) stones around the sides. For a more "Vegas-y" look, use bigger, colorful rhinestones and put a feather of two in the middle. If your Pointe shoes aren't so clean, you can take a dried flower (and there are some places that sell fake dried flowers) in the middle, for a more "old" look.

Potpourri- Here's what you do: Attach clear netting inside of the shoe, near the front part of the drawstring. Fill the shoe with potpourri, and attach the netting to the other sides of the shoe. You can do this with one shoe or two. They can hang, lie flat (like on a dresser), or you can find someway to prop them and have them stand up.

This comes from The Ballet Barre written by Cassandra

Here is some examples of  what you can do with your old pointes:
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