Dear Friend,

       In our society today people are looking for answers to all the hurt, the doubt,  the deception, the loneliness and the problems they have.

       In trying to find the answers, they seemingly seek help from all the wrong places.

       We can help you find the answers to all of life's questions through the study of the Bible.  Here at Maranatha Baptist Church of Western Oaks, we preach the Bible as the Word of God.

       We are "a country church in the heart of the city" and we have some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.  We would like to invite you to attend our services and find out for yourself what kind of church you've been missing.

       If we can help you, please, contact us here at the church.

                                                                 Pastor Charley O'Daniel

Maranatha Baptist Church of Western Oaks

2800 N. Divis Bethany, Ok 73008

(405) 789-4662