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When my family decided to get add a Beardie to our family, i found the enormous amount of information overwhelming and often conflicting.  Of course, it's only natural to want to provide the best you know how for your captive reptile!

These pages will contain links to sites which i found to be the most complete with  the best and highest degree of consistant husbandry information

There will continue to be debates over UVB lighting requirements  - ie: mercury vapor lighting vs. fluorescent bulbs -   until more concrete research studies are completed and results analyzed.
The same goes for debates on substrate considerations.  
However,  take into consideration the sources of your information, and make  "common sense" conclusions as to what's best for your Dragon at its given age. 

Again, this is just a site of links that the author has found to be the best on the net to meet her particular needs and interests
in providing outstanding husbandry for the captive Dragon.
Just point,  click and ENJOY !

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