Amateur Radio Fox Hunting is a high tech version of 'hide and go seek'.  A transmitter is hidden and then the fun begins.  The Wed night 7PM hunts are non-competetive, and so the teams can talk to each other.  The area encompasses the twin ports of Duluth, Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin.  The transmitter is hidden only on public property such as parks.
Below are some pictures from a Fox Hunt from the Summer of 2003.   The Fox transmitter was hidden in the Archery Range in Billings Park by KB9WLC and Jake.
Also pictured is the Montreal Fox controller (plans from VE2EMM).  We use the tape measure beam (built from plans from WB2HOL) almost exlusively for both long distance and close in direction finding.  Other equipment used includes active attenuators from plans by WB2HOL, passive attenuators, and doppler direction finders.  Check out the links to the left; N6BG has kits available for a nice fox controller with tone decoder.  K0OV has a wonderful web site with tons of information.  KB6DOL had some excellent pc boards for the doppler project.  His web site is not working right now.  Far Cicuits has a large selection of pc boards available for lots of projects.  Arrow Antenna has a variety of antennas available that are useful for direction finding.
This is a GE Exec exciter board from an old GE mobile radio.   It has been retuned to the 2 meter amateur radio band and a 146.565 MHz crystal installed.  It will  function as a fox transmitter when connected to a controller like the one pictured below, or one like WB2HOL has on his web site.
Some Direction Finding Links:
PICON transmitter controller
WB2HOL Look here for tape measure beam +
K0OV- Homing In Best site for lots of information
Link not working was Doppler boards
PIC microcontroller projects
My son's page
Jake's page
Lots of circuit boards
FAR Circuits
Amateur Radio Direction Finding Web Ring
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Antenna and passive attenuator
Arrow Antennas
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