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ŠLiz Landez  mail:ldykeara@aol.comDrawn by Eloria Windrider.  Clicking on this image will open a new window to where she got the base body.Salutations! Welcome to my ever-growing Harry Potter Fanpage. This website's purpose is to honor JK Rowling's amazing Harry Potter series, to give Percy Weasley the online publicity he deserves, and (hehe) to show off my HTML abilities.

Please visit this site often! I will be updating this site regularly, including my work-in-progress fanfiction. Oh, and sign the guestbook, too!

CAUTION: THIS SITE CONTAINS SPOILERS! Do not go any further if you have not read all four books and do not want to know what happened.

  • UGA!: I've been unformally accepted to the University of Georgia! The official letter hasnt arrived but I got a phone call about it. Congrats to me!
  • NEW!: I received the Quidditch card I won from on Friday, and if you would like to see it, its under the "Rankin" section of the webpage! Thanks to Chris and Lynn for doing the contest!
  • BOOK FIVE!: In case you haven't heard, Book Five comes out on June 21! Check out the nifty countdown above! (Provided by JavaScriptKit)
  • CoS DVD CUT SCENES: There will be NINETEEN CUT SCENES in the next DVD!!! Can't wait! Movie stills will be up as soon as I can get it!
  • AFFILIATES: I added a new affiliate, Perfect Prefects.I am still currently looking for affiliates! Do you have a Harry Potter Website? Click on the Affiliates button on the menu if you are interested.
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