PatKeyMouse's House!!
I have gotten lazy about keeping my page up-to-date. I've recently started working on it and am having trouble getting some of the buttons to work. 
PLEASE be patient with me while I am a work in progerss!  THANK YOU!  Pat
I've been tagged as a "BlackBelt Shopper". That's how I came to reside at Rodeo Drive. The income doesn't support the Champagne Taste! SO, I live in the Outlet Suburb.
Hi I'm "
Next time you wish to visit, just type that "handle" in the URL box.

Besides Shopping, I collect Dolls, Bears, Santa Clauses, Faeries, Dragons, Coca-Cola paraphenalia, DUST (LOTS! Ha!), and MICKEY MOUSE-----Thus acquiring the "handle". Venture on into my other pages, and I hope you enjoy!!!!
This Ladies Of Dreams
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