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Home -- This is the index page, the front door - home.

Contact Info -- How to reach me, if you are so inclined.

Family Friendly

Fag Hag
A wonderful definition of fag hag and why I feel so close to the GLBT community.
Equaity thru Diversity

Personal Journal

Journal entries from years past.

2003 - 24 entries
2002 - 91 entries
2001 - 38 entries
2000 - 49 entries

Storehouse of my great adventures.

Cast of Characters
Nicknames of people mentioned in my journal.

Goal Setting

Goal Setting Resources
Ideas, tips and encouragement.

10 Benefits of a Mission Statement
Promoting personal growth.

10 Questions You Must Answer
Focus your dreams.

10 Passion Principles to Creating the Rest of Your Life
Life life on purpose.

My Top 50
The top 50 goals for my life.

Special Places

Las Vegas Memories
My short, wonderful residency in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Seattle Home
The anticipation and realities of living in Seattle, Washington.

Paisey Press - tales of personal growth, alternative lifestyles, and naughty adventures in Seattle, Washington.

LOL (Laughing Out Loud)

Dating Humor
Just a little story that makes me laugh whenever I read it.

How I Scored
Funny and interesting results of those online personality quizzes.

Web Vault

Paisley Portal
A personal portal page of frequently used links.

Symmetrical art based on mathematics.

white horse galloping free
Discover your dreams and dare to live free.
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