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March 28, 2003

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The Adventures of Paisley Blue

It's a beautiful Friday -- all sunny outside from what I can see from the window across the way -- and I just wanna play hooky, go outside and play.

However, I've already done that once this week when Lancelot and I stole a few hours from our day to go see "How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days." There are so many wonderful things to say about that experience but the most important is that I treasured every minute we had together.

The movie was pretty funny and it had some moments that left me giggling hardcore. Even now there are times when, out of the blue, I will remember a scene from the movie and just start laughing. I get some strange looks when I do that, especially on the bus. LOL

Last night I got home from work while the sun was still shining. I love it that the days are getting longer again. Mechanic was going downstairs to the little store to get cigarettes and asked if anyone wanted anything. Michael and I both said, "Chocolate!"

Mechanic had been gone awhile for having just gone to the little store downstairs, but he returned after about a half an hour. He had gone to Safeway or something instead, carrying two big bags when he came into the apartment. I was not allowed into the kitchen. Opera and Michael could go in there. They could know what he was doing. But not me.

He was obviously cooking something. I could hear pots and pans and drawers and cupboards. Since he was making a dessert and I suspected at the very least there was chocolate involved, I injected a bit o' insulin to keep me going.

A little later he came out and asked someone to time 18 minutes. Then he gave me a plant, a miniature rose bush. The miniature roses are a deep fuschia pink, and I melted. He knows its been forever since I've received flowers. He suggested that I should take them to work, which I have, because they have a better chance of surviving in my office than at home. I received a lot of compliments on the teeny roses, too.

Finally Mechanic was ready to serve whatever mystery dessert he'd been cooking. I was told to shut my eyes and hold out my hands. I was given a bowl that had a hot, fresh-from-the-oven brownie topped with ice cream and Reese's flavored hard shell topping. Wow! All diets were off!

We watched "The Ring" which just came out on video this month. It was really pretty cool. I think it was an awesome scary movie. Of course, Michael and Mechanic both had to try and scare me and most of the time it worked. Opera was laughing to see how they get me to jump and scream. However, looking back on the last year or so, I'm glad to see that they have helped desensitize me to scary movies. I feel a little more normal in a good way.

I'm feeling really positive these days. My confidence is really high. I feel like a healthy, productive member of society. I feel like a desirable, sexy female. I feel bright and intelligent. Those things might not be true objectively *chuckle* but that's how I feel. It's good to feel that way.

~Paisley Blue

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