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Paisley's Journal
February 16, 2000

The Adventures of Paisley Blue
Yesterday I attended the Faith Homeschool Association's spelling bee. It was planned very wisely. All children were winners. Last night I learned that my niece and nephew who were participating were very proud that I was there to watch them. The children had begged me to go to McDonald's with them afterwards, so I did. How can I resist their pleas? We had a great lunch, and then I caught the bus home. I'm glad I get to spend this time with them.

Well, CB is working 12-hour shifts at a nearby furniture manufacturing plant. Its a good job and not too hard... we just have to adjust to the new schedule, since he works at night.

I've just stopped looking for work for now. There's been too much hassle and difficulty because of communication (I need my own phone) and transportation (I need a car, too). In the meantime I have a plan. I will keep the house clean, try to do a little more of the cooking [frantic pleas with heaven for help on this point], and continue drawing and writing.

I can feel the creativity surging upwards from deep within... and I am excited at the possibilities that might come forth with this newest inspirational creative stage.

I feel so at peace with my life right now. If there's one thing I've learned so far in my years, it is to ENJOY these moments as they come... because you never know what tomorrow brings.

~Paisley Blue

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