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Paisley's Journal
February 6, 2000

The Adventures of Paisley Blue
Last night was just our third night in our new little apartment. It already feels like home. CB prepared our first home-cooked supper last night, and I immediately jumped up and did the dishes afterwards. We were quite domestic.

The black and white television my brother loaned us only gets one channel, and not very well at that, but it provides us with some entertainment. We rely on the internet and local newspaper for any idea of what is going on in the world. Ever since my parents kicked us out of their home last Monday*, we have been scrambling... not much time to worry about what is happening with the rest of the world.

We found this efficiency apartment after looking at a few other places. We had encountered discrimination based on our race and my disability. However, we know that not much would happen if we said anything about it... after all, the good ol' boy system is alive and well in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Sometimes I worry about whether we'll be able to pay the rent week after week, but I try to just think about this day.

After all, yesterday is just a memory, tomorrow isn't here yet... today is all we have. I am grateful for what I do have - a man who loves me, my health such as it is, a roof over our heads, food to eat, and my wits about me. I hope and pray we both get work this week. If there are jobs out there, we'll find 'em!!!

* We had moved in with them after they offered, since CB suffered a stroke shortly before Christmas. They offered to let us stay there a few months while we 'got on our feet,' but after CB had been there 3 weeks, my dad announced that CB needed to go. I was invited to stay but I told them they obviously did not know me that well if they thought I would stay after they had done this. I was prepared to stay on the streets in order to be with my man. My parents both thought I would buckle, that I would be back... I'm not... not now and not ever.

~Paisley Blue

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