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Paisley's Journal
February 5, 2000

The Adventures of Paisley Blue
Today I am feeling optimistic about my future. I hope I can hold onto and keep this feeling because the last week of my life has been so challenging... sometimes obstacles seem so large. My fiance, CB, and I, are together and happy, and that counts for a lot. With Valentine's Day ahead, I am trying to think of something good with which to surprise him. It will be our first Valentine's Day together. We are still going through quite a few firsts, as we have only been together a few months.

I decided I needed to keep this journal because so many things have been happening in my life that I can't seem to really share. I know from past experience that keeping everything stuffed down inside will make me eventually explode like a pop bottle... so this seemed like a good idea to me. Perhaps someone out there in cyberspace will run across my little journal and read it... maybe not... its not all that important. What is important is expressing myself and having the idea that I am not alone.

~Paisley Blue

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