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October 10, 2002
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The Adventures of Paisley Blue

I am just plain nuts. Yesterday I was at the office nearly 14 hours. If you subtract the one hour lunch, that's almost 13 paid hours. I did not even go home after getting off work. Mechanic and Opera picked me up out in front of the building and we went off to the SeaWolf for karaoke.

It was a fun night for me at the bar. I had lots of fun on the stage. It was Opera's first time and she came back from singing her first song, The Rose, with a one dollar bill. Someone had tipped her. Once I explained what had happened, she seemed pretty happy and tripped out.

She sang The Rose, Amazing Grace in a duet with Mama, She's Got You, and Could I Have This Dance. I sang Grandpa, If I Could Turn Back Time, You Needed Me, and Save The Best For Last. The funny thing about that last song is that the DJ really did save that for the last song. It was cool. I got tipped during my Anne Murray song by the same woman who tipped Opera.
One of the unfortunate events, though, is that Mama got drunk - and I mean WAY drunk - and started telling Opera all kinds of things that eventually brought tears to her face. Mechanic was getting angry about it. Mama was upsetting more than just him, though. Let's just say it was bad.

I had heard that one of Mama's strays had returned to town. Sure enough, he showed up at the bar and was hugging on everyone, getting them to buy him drinks. He hugged on me but I wasn't even buying myself drinks, so he got nothing from me. I did have a strong feeling, though, that he was buttering me up for whatever he could get from me.

So later in the evening Mama and this stray were upset with one another. Both of them took off... and no one knew where they were. Of course, the rest of us were all worried for their safety. Mechanic tried to find them but did not, and since we had closed down the bar, the three of us went home.

We hadn't been home five minutes but there was a knock at the door and wouldn't you know it - it was the stray. He asked if he could stay there for the night. My first response was "We're full." I know that sounds bad but you got to understand... first, it's a real small studio and there's already three of us, second, even if he slept on the floor we're so squeezed in that I'd be tripping on him in the morning while getting ready for work, and third, I just didn't want him staying there. He'd tried to make a habit out of it the last time he was in Seattle. I didn't want a repeat.

But Mechanic wanted to let him in, and talk to him, and chew him out for disappearing from the bar like he did. The boy apologized and tried to explain himself, but Mechanic wouldn't let him get by with excuses. There's no reason to make everyone worry just because you're mad at one person. Then, I asked the boy where he usually stayed, and he named a man who is not really the nicest - he uses alcohol and drugs to sleep with underaged guys, so that tells you something about his character. Then Mechanic said he wanted to have a word with me in our office.

So we stepped out onto the balcony and shut the sliding door, and talked. He told me he did not want to turn the boy out onto the streets because it was cold and rainy, but that he would have to leave first thing in the morning. Mechanic and Opera had an early appointment and the boy would not be left alone in our home.

He assured me this was a one-time thing and it would not become a habit. I told him that come morning, I wanted him out of there, and Mechanic agreed to that. I told him I did not want this boy coming over here all the time like he did before. Then we talked about some other issues, smoked a couple cigarettes, and went inside.

We made the boy clear the floor where he was going to sleep. Mechanic made sure that when the boy was laid out asleep, I'd still have walking room. I really appreciated that. It was already approaching 3 am and I had to get up at 7 am, and I wouldn't be exactly jumping out of bed. I fell asleep... and had bad dreams. I won't go into those right now.

So this morning I came to work and called the house about 9:30 to make sure they'd awoke in time for the appointment. Opera told me the guys weren't up yet but she was working on it. I called a little after 11:00 to see if they had left. No answer, so I guess they'd left.

Then shortly after noon, I remembered that I was supposed to talk with the manager about the fire alarm testing that is happening tomorrow. She answered my questions, then told me something that I found disturbing. She said that Mechanic had a friend who was sleeping in a hallway. When asked what he was doing, his answer was that he was waiting for *** who lived in ### (*** being Mechanic and ### being our room number).

I just know that was the stray boy. He stayed with Mama several times in that building and I know for a fact that he knows the rules... and hanging out in the hallways is not allowed, much less sleeping in them. The manager said she was going to kick him out, and I told her that was fine with me. I told her that he knows the rules and knows he shouldn't be doing that. The manager made some comment about us having guests that were breaking rules and I had the very real sense that she was trying to say, without saying, that our stay there as tenants was going to be in jeopardy if this ever happened again.

Now I'm furious. I'm trying really hard to calm down but I am very upset with that boy. I want to shake him by the collar and say "Don't mess with where I live. If you want anything from me, you best not mess with my home, my job, or the people I care about. Otherwise, you can talk to the hand cuz I'm not listening."

I understand why Mechanic didn't want to turn the boy out last night, but I wonder if he told the boy he could stay in the hallway... or if he told the boy that when he and Opera returned from the appointment, that he was welcome back into the room. That was not the deal, and I hope that didn't happen. It's not too hard to imagine that the boy just assumed this was okay.

So now it's lunchtime and I can't eat cuz my stomach is tied in knots. I'm stressed, I'm tired, and I sure don't want to be worrying about getting kicked out of my home, however small it is. Hmmph. Time to go find a quiet corner and read a book.


City Magick I have worked hard all day and so for a moment I was checking email. You know how you click on a link and something looks interesting so you click on that link and before you know it you're 10 blocks away from where you started? That happened to me but in a most wonderful way. I discovered this book -- City Magick: Urban Rituals, Spells, and Shamanism by Christopher Penczak.

Here's the blurb I read: Put to rest the notion that the Gods exist only in pastoral settings. Most of us live in cities or towns, & with this book we can uncover the latent magical power of metropolitan areas. Communicate with the guardians of the city: The Neon Devas & Electric Gods. Use the tools at your disposal: rocks, your kitchen cupboard. Discover the new temples in high rises & dance clubs. Recognize the modern sigils in the graffiti all around you. City magic is everywhere! The author -- a practicing witch, Reiki Master, Essence Consultant, & an active spiritual teacher -- outlines the basics of magic: rituals, spells, tools, divination, & includes meditations & exercises for meeting urban gods, mapping the city’s power spots, even finding a parking space! This is a fresh look at an earth-based religion that has taken root in the concrete jungle, reminding us that magic is not about the perfect world, but the perfect intent. Paperback, 302 pages.

I have to have it!!! I don't have a credit card so I can't order online, but the perfect solution is the local wiccan store where I buy the few ritual items I use. I gave them a call and they are out of stock but a new shipment will arrive within two weeks. They took my name and number and will give me a call when the book is available.

I suddenly feel quite happy. Perhaps it is because I am doing just a little something for myself. This is something that no one else really shares with me... not that I wouldn't want to share it but I don't want to force it on anyone either. Spirituality is very personal and individual, I think. Spirituality does not equal religion by any stretch of the imagination. Witchcraft is part of my spirituality.

I think I'm about ready to go home now... and I will have a smile in my heart when I get there.

~Paisley Blue

A woman of grace, of beauty, confident in her worth.

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