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all you need is love February 12, 2002 love is all you need
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The Adventures of Paisley Blue

Today I feel melancholy. I felt great this morning, but as the day wears on, I feel a little more and a little more sad. It's not that I am depressed as much as I just got the blues.

I keep telling myself I have no reason to feel this way... things could be so much worse. I still have my dream job and everyone loves me there. I am in reasonably good health at the moment. I have not missed too many meals and I have a warm bed to sleep in at night behind a locked door.

Last night Mechanic and I had a lot of fun after he picked me up from work. He made pancakes and we topped them with peanut butter and syrup which was surprisingly really good. The boys came up after a while, and our 'housekeeper' washed dishes and cleaned up around the house. The four of us were very playful and it was fun.

I sat down and started drawing, and ended up drawing for hours. It was quite relaxing and satisfying. I even talked one of the boys into modeling nude for me for a few minutes... til the teasing from the other two made him too embarrassed.

Tonight is Michael's big Mardis Gras Fat Tuesday show. It should be fun. I hope tomorrow I am more cheerful. I like being happy.

~Paisley Blue

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