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January 5, 2002
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The Adventures of Paisley Blue

It felt really weird to not go to work today, even though it is Saturday. I slept in, ate breakfast around noon, and generally lazed around all day. In one way it felt good, but in another way I was restless. Every opportunity I had to leave the house -- riding along as others ran errands -- I was gone.

I received an email from Hulk today and his excuse for not writing or calling was that he was tired. I felt hurt. When I replied, I let him know that. In a way I felt very empowered to share how I actually felt and not just swallow it down. In another way, I felt a bit shaky about expressing an emotion that is not all 'sweetness and light.' I've been working really hard on getting in touch with my feelings, and here was an example of a moment when I was in touch with my emotions and I expressed them.

He wrote back, explaining in more detail and also apologizing in such a sweet manner that it nearly made me cry with happiness. Okay, lots of emotions swirling around here, right? But if I take it a little at a time, I should be okay. :-)

Well, I wrote him back again. Don't know when he'll see that letter, but I wanted to reassure him that everything is good. I know Michael may disagree with all this, but one of the things he is always telling me is to make my own decisions... that this is my life... and so I am trying...

I'm hoping that later tonight Michael, Angel, and Butch and I will play another game of Pinochle. I am so totally addicted to that game. It's kinda funny, but my horoscope today said that it was a good day to just relax, and play games. Kinda cool, eh?

Maybe now I'll go off to my bedroom and draw for a while...

~Paisley Blue

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