Paisley's Journal
December 13, 2001

It's getting close to Yule!
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The Adventures of Paisley Blue

Today was a really hard day at work. I'm glad its over. I have a three day weekend in front of me and I am going to... well, I would say that I'm going to relax, but I'm not. I'm going to be going hither and thither doing lots of fun stuff. But it won't be work, and that's the important thing!

This evening after work I met a few coworkers at a nearby bar for some drinks. We had a lot of fun, and I enjoy getting to know these people as friends. Well, there's one whom I'd like to know as a really special friend, but that'll be our little secret.

This is also my mother's birthday so I gave her a call. She is not doing well health-wise, and my father's not much better. How I miss them! I hope they'll hold on a few years more. Like my mom said, she'd like to see me a few more times. That about broke my heart. I love them so much.

This is also the day that Washington released the infamous tape showing Bin Laden pleasantly surprised that the death toll on September 11th was bigger than anticipated. I won't be sad when he's found... and justice is served...

Now, to relax for the rest of the evening...

See ya later!

~Paisley Blue

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