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October 27, 2001
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Yesterday I had to go to the doctor for a follow-up and Michael went with me. I was really scared and it just means so much to me that he went along. The doc told us that my diabetes is way out of control, and the numbers are actually worse than any time before so this came as a big blow to me. It was an even bigger blow to Michael, because he did not realize I was diabetic.

I have had a long history of problems taking my medication because of my memory problems. Actually, I am doing a lot better than I have done since 1993, when I had my first stroke. Every month brings new successes for me. However, that does not change the fact that I need to take my meds on a daily basis if they're going to help me. Maybe one day soon I will write about what the impact of my memory problems means to me -- because it is a topic that is often on my mind.

So now Michael, out of concern, is asking me whether I have taken my medicine or measured my blood sugar, and once we are living together, he has offered to help me eat more regularly. Who knows, perhaps I can even start sticking to a diabetic diet. I don't know how easy that would be, or how expensive, but I know that living where I do without a kitchen, it's next to impossible.

Today Michael is out of state attending a function as a royal drag queen. I went to the office to get a little work done. I rewarded myself with some time working on my websites. Oh yes, there's more than one. This morning I did laundry, and this evening I plan to work on cleaning my room.

You see, tomorrow I have special plans. Michael is coming over and I am cooking supper for him, and we are going to watch a movie. I recently purchased "Air Force One" from Blockbuster, and we are going to have a quiet evening together. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to this.

The karaoke show last night was fun, but it had a rough beginning and a rough ending. I don't know what the future looks like with it, but I will support Michael in whatever he decides to do.

Oh, some of the best news! Yesterday Michael and a mutual friend came to my work place. They saw my cubicle and I introduced them to some of my co-workers. One lady invited Michael to come to a special potluck next Friday, talking him into bringing a main dish. This is going to be so cool. He also agreed to come to the internal company auction that is a fundraiser for the nonprofit organization I work for... so I have emailed the person in charge of guests to ask if he can get in. Anyway... it is so exciting to have him be a part of my life here at work.

And I just cannot help it if I get all giggly and giddy. There's just something about Michael that brings that reaction out in me.

Sometimes I think what will my life be like in 5 years or 10 years? I honestly beseech the Goddess that Michael and I will be together and happy. I deserve this happiness.

~Paisley Blue

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