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February 14, 2001

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The Adventures of Paisley Blue

Happy Valentine's Day.

I might be more enthusiastic about that if I were celebrating it with someone... my husband, a friend, even my family... but I'll be going home to an empty apartment tonight.

I went out on a job interview. The company is located in a historic building near the waterfront downtown, so I had a wonderful first impression. After talking with the "team leader" and the "job supervisor" though, I had an idea that they thought I was way overqualified. Their description of the job sounded more like a mailroom distribution type of job. Not exactly what I'm looking for.

However, that does not mean I am giving up. Just the opposite. That was my first interview in the current process of looking for my next career move. This is a numbers game. The more I do, the better my chances of finding something that I really want.

What do I really want? Well, I want something where I get to work with computers. If I had net access so I could check my email at lunch or after work, that would really rock. I want to organize and be in charge of something. Is that too vague? I love to be in touch with people, putting projects together or making sure that projects stay on budget, or on time, or just keep running right. Surely there's a place for me somewhere.

I also want something that pays enough that I can take care of myself. I want to know that my rent will be paid without a problem each month, and some left over to go to the art museum or see a movie... I want to have medical insurance and all the other good benefits. I want a position that I can stay at for a few years, learn something new... be challenged and fulfilled...

Well, it doesn't necessarily have to be fulfilling, because I can find that outside the job. If it was for a not-for-profit company or some firm that did something wonderful for humanity, though, that would be cool. If it was for a real competitive corporation, that would be okay, too, though. The bottom line is I am looking for something that is satisfying for me.

Please don't tell me I'm asking for too much!

In the meantime, tonight I will be going home and reading a book tonight. Woohoo! No really, I have been reading some really good books, lately, and I plan to get an up-to-date list up on this website soon... so you, my precious visitor, can take a look at what I find interesting.

Now I am laughing my head off at all that I have written... I'd better go before I really get started...

~Paisley Blue

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