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Independent wild woman and erotic artist finding spiritual sanctuary in Seattle; a naughty southern belle on a beautiful adventure through life.
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Strong survivor, erotic artist, spiritual woman, naughty southern belle, independent, and full of curiosity.

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Welcome to my personal playground, good for expressing myself whether I feel naughty or nice! Feel free to explore my thoughts, search for titillating tidbits from my past, and discover what I find interesting and amusing.

Aug '05 UPDATE:Following several months of gypsy-like travel around Puget Sound, my life entered a transitional stage in preparation for moving back to the South. Soon... anytime now... Paisley Blue will return to Arkansas, ending a 5-year adventure in Seattle, Washington.

Of course, I'm still answering mail at:

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Paisley Blue's Personal Journal Online Last update: 12-31-04

It is almost ironic that after getting my online journal going again, my own ability to keep going comes into question. Check out the cast of characters for background info on people like Herne mentioned in those pages.

Family Friendly

I have many friends in the Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual-Transgender (GLBT) community, and they have taught me lots about life. I have collected a few short articles on a page I lovingly call Paisley Blue: Fag Hag. I hope to answer some questions, enlighten some minds and provide points to ponder.

Goal Setting New Content

The new year has brought many changes to my life. One reflection of those changes is a renewed interest in identifying and achieving my own goals. Several pages are gathered here, including Goal Setting Resources and 10 Passion Principles to Creating the Rest of Your Life.

Special Places

I have gathered some images and memories of places that are special to me for different reasons. For example, I created the Seattle Home page when I decided to move to Seattle. The Las Vegas Memories page was built to remember the brief time I lived in Las Vegas.

LOL - My Sense of Humor

Just for fun, I like to take those surveys that attempt to pigeonhole people into different categories. The results are funny and sometimes very insightful. Check out How I Scored. I also found a great story for my Dating Humor page.

Web Vault New Content

If the internet represented treasure, you could find interesting and valuable gems in my vault. Paisley Portal is nestling my most frequently used links. Some web sites spark my imagination and I think they deserve to be remembered - such as Tessellations - a beautiful site that showcases the marriage of mathematics and art.
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